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Pure Living (or is far more than your average interior design studio. Indeed, these top swiss interior designers are as known for their collaborations with top luxury brands as for their gorgeous showrooms. That’s why we want to introduce you to the Pure Living design and their amazing interior architecture.

What is

This head of this interior design studio/ shop is Dominque M.Brunner. He and his team of seven have planned projects for buildings as diverse as apartments, villas, yachts, chalets and even office spaces. They are also renowned for their luxury kitchen and bathroom designs. Moreover, they have several showrooms across Switzerland. Yet, today, we want to tell you about their interior design projects.

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Project at St. Moritz

St. Moritz by
St. Moritz ©

The project at St.Moritz has all the best features of the most beautiful chalet interiors. Wooden interiors? Check! Cozy chairs? Double check! Indeed, we think this is the perfect luxury home for the high alpine resort town. The luxurious and creative elements, such as the chandeliers, merge with more vintage elements such as the grey armchair. Furthermore, the color scheme is neutral, but never boring.

The bedroom and living areas follow the same strategies. Again, it’s all about pairing a soft, beautiful shade of grey with the wooden walls and furniture. Moreover, you can let the creative lighting do its thing and shine.  Notice how, in the bedroom, the bubble hanging lamp adds a unique touch. Yet, in the living room, it’s all about the mid-century chandeliers.


Kitchen in Mobimo ©

This apartment design for Mobimo tower in Zurich West is the embodiment of functional luxury. For example, just take a look at the sleekness of this kitchen. Instead of going for a light color scheme, like most, it contrasts sleek black surfaces with grey upholstery and art. It’s a dark kitchen, but not a gloomy one.

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Finally, you have the bathroom and bedroom designs. These also follow a dark color scheme. Yet, the bedroom contains a dash of color in the aubergine carpet. Once again, the use of creative lighting is a great idea to add uniqueness to the room.

Villa in the Rhine Valley

Villa in the Rhine Valley ©

It wouldn’t be a swiss luxury interior design studio without a Villa in the Rhine Valley, would it? Yet, there’s very little about this place that you can call typical or old-fashioned. The design merges mid-century elements with almost Scandinavian pieces.

Indeed, this is so much more fun than your average country house design. Notice how there aren’t that many elements to the decor. Yet, they’re all so creative that the final design looks entirely modern and unique.

Penthouse with Lake View

Penthouse by the Lake ©
Let’s return to the dark interiors with the Penthouse with Lake View project. The crown jewel of this project is certainly the cozy but luxurious living room. There are comfy sofas, a leather mid-century armchair, all sorts of furniture built for rest and relaxation. Moreover, the dark color scheme takes nothing away from the comfort of the place. Why add too much color when you already have such a colorful ambiance outdoors?

Certainly, the dining area and hall follow the same guidelines. While in the living room, the colorful details were the aubergine pillows, the kitchen picks the green chairs to add a bit of light and creativity. The hall, however, is almost maximalist, mixing patterns, artworks, and personal details that turn it into a truly unique creation.

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