Ricky Martin’s Home in Beverly Hills by Nate Berkus

Ricky Martin’s Home

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Since designer Nate Berkus established his award-winning interior design firm at the age of 24, his approachable and elevated philosophy has transformed countless homes around the world. Nate Berkus is a big name in the design industry and is recognized as one of the best interior designers in the world. Ever since Nate’s first appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show in 2002, he has become one of the world’s most recognizable interior designers.

One of the best-known projects of this designer is Ricky Martin’s Beverly Hills home. A modern, vibrant, and warm space that combines simple, neutral elements with splendid bursts of color and shine. With a modern interior, this expensive home is flawless for two artists, of course, but also for two active and energetic boys, their twin sons Matteo and Valentino.

All the house is comfortable and practically decorated. It features contemporary design in all the divisions, especially in the luxury bedroom and in the modern living room.

Inspired by the look – Erosion Stool

Ricky Martin and his husband enlisted the help of one of the best interior designers to makeover their new home. According to the singer’s suggestions, the top interior designer Nate Berkus preferred to get the basics covered, because the couple wanted a relaxed space for all the family. Nate Berkus increased the potential for crafting a vibrant, creative environment for Ricky Martin’s expensive home.

Some touches were added to the property, including a desk that has been owned for over 20 years. This real piece of furniture works perfectly in dining room décor.

The place was furnished mostly with iconic 20th-century designs, as well as retail finds. With artwork curated by Yosef, an artist himself, the level of both spirit and taste are through the roof.

The interior designer gave a solid, impartial foundation that the famous couple can cultivate together inside their own home. Creating a luxury design, the main goal was to maintain a sense of place for this family.

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