Rottet Studio Interior Design: A look at their projects

Rottet Studio

Rottet Studio Interior Design

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Rottet Studio is an international architecture and interior design firm with an extensive portfolio of corporate, hospitality, residential, and maritime projects for the world’s leading companies and brands.

They stay ahead of the design curve by setting trends in their industry through the application of their vast knowledge and experience. For this reason, they are innovators in the marketplace.

Rottet Studio is one of the finest design practices in the world. In the last decade, the firm has consistently been ranked among the corporate and hospitality Top 100 Design Giants by Interior Design magazine.

Rottet Studio’s principals have worked together for over 35 years offering a broad range of services including building architecture; interior architecture and design. With best-of-class design professionals in Houston, Los Angeles, and New York, Rottet Studio is ideally positioned, both geographically and professionally, to help achieve your design goals.

Townhome, New York

Inspired By The Look: SHERMAN SOFA

Bulfinch Crossing, Boston

Constellation Park, Los Angeles

Inspired By The Look: ESSEX ARMCHAIR

Wheelock TKO, Hong Kong

Inspired By The Look: KOI SIDE TABLE

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