Salone del Mobile.Milano Shanghai

Salone del Mobile.Milano Shanghai 2018

Luxury Brands

Salone del Mobile.Milano Shanghai

Salone del Mobile.Milano Shanghai 3rd edition is here!

The international annual event, with a focus on Italian manufacture, has yet again attracted the attention of the world of interior design and home decor.

The 3rd edition of Salone del Mobile.Milano Shanghai has been a long time in the making.  Yesterday, the 21st of November, a small preview of the event took place. The aim of this preview event was showing a bit of what’s included in this year’s edition.


Luxury Brands

From 22nd of November till 24th November, the trade fair will be held at the Shanghai Exhibition Center.  There, 123 brands will be able to showcase their latest products and collections.

Same as in Milan, the style categories for showcasing were Design and xLux products. Design category referring to features such as functionality, innovation and aesthetics. And xLux concerning features such as classic elegance and contemporary design.

The Chinese market has shown a clear interest in Italian manufacture. Also, the Italian market has made its aim to develop a continuous dialogue on the creativity and quality of manufacturing. Within this event, both can be achieved and enhanced by a group of other initiatives, such as didactic talks with international designers and master classes.

Another event will take place, related to Salone del Mobile.Milano Shanghai and that is Salone Satellite Shanghai. Salone Satellite Shanghai is considered to be a platform that promotes talent, this year having 39 participants from professional designers, to university and design school students. On that note, this group of select participants will further the knowledge and the connection between certain subjects (heritage, contemporary, new technologies, craftsmanship, slow design, creative recycling, digital effects and others).

Salone del Mobile.Milano Shanghai
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