Everything you need to know about Sanchez + Coleman

Some time ago we at Insplosion came across the innovative and fun project of Interior Design studio Sanchez + Coleman. Many interior design magazines have featured the combo, gathering attention on their acclaimed projects.

Learn more about their career and successes and admire one of their most famous project. Namely this bright and eccentric project. Read everything you need to know about Sanchez + Coleman.

Everything you need to know about Sanchez + Coleman

About Angel Sanchez from Sanchez + Coleman

Angel is a Venezuelan Fashion Designer based in New York since 1998. He became famous for his evening wear designs and stunning, acclaimed bridal line. His designs are known for their contemporary, architectural and feminine lines and are well loved by the celebrities.

However, Sanchez’s first love was with Architecture. Architecture was in fact also the base on which he built his talent for fashion design, as well as his fashion house. His headquarters lie today in New York city, where he mixed his love for architecture and fashion. By reflecting the architectural discipline in the lines and proportions of his work, in fact, Sanhez of Sanchez + Coleman works to preserve the high standards of timeless couture.


About Christopher Coleman from Sanchez + Coleman

Christopher Coleman from Sanchez + Coleman is one of the top 50 designers in the US. What we see in these pictures, in fact, is precisely the representation of his bold, colourful, modern touch. Coleman’s vibrant touch is what we keep on seeing reproduced in many interiors, restaurants and shops worldwide.


New York Magazines mentioned Coleman from Sanchez + Coleman as one of the 50 interior designer designers you need to know in NYC, in well 5 different editions. On top of that, he has now opened a store in the New York Area. Making his vibrant and bold, recognizable aesthetics even more available.




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