South Asian Interior Design Tips and Trends

Singapore Interior Design: Tips and Trends

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Today we want to teach you all about Singapore Interior Design styles! The key to perfecting these interior decor projects is to find a seamlessly mixture between the East and the West. If you want to create the best home in Singapore, there are a few extra tips and trends you need to keep in mind.

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Singapore Interior Design: Why it’s All About The Tropics


A lot of a specific interior design style is based on the area’s climate and Southeast-Asian style is no exception. The tropical climate features prominently in this design style. Actually, there are few ways in which you can do this. For example, color pallettes! Notice the bright colors and tropical patterns in this multicolored living room designed by  Singapore Interior Designer Nikki Hunt. It’s maximalist design for tropical bliss! Still didn’t get enough? Here you have a beautiful reading corner.

South Asian Interior Design Tips and Trends (2)


Get Industrial

You may have already realized this from our article on Space Matrix, but Industrial style is kind of a thing in the Singapore market. Industrial looks bet on raw and unfinished surfaces with wood, metal and cement. But that doesn’t mean that these interiors aren’t chic! On the contrary, this focus on rawness can be quite stylish. Check out this amazing kitchen/dining room, which also focuses on using sustainable materials.

South Asian Interior Design Tips and Trends


Small Spaces Matter Too

Maximalism is definitely a South Asian Design feature. Yet, small spaces are all the rage at the moment. With tons of micro-hotels opening up all the time, interior design for small rooms is becoming increasingly relevant. This way, you have to focus on a few impact pieces rather than going overboard with the whole decor. Indeed, you don’t have that much space to occupy and it can easily become ugly and cluttered! But do you truly think that a small space has to be devoid of style? No way! You can make a statement with a few stylish pieces.

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Local Influences

As we said, it’s important to take the local influences into account when designing a space for this market. Southeast Asia is influenced by Indian, Chinese and many other Asian cultures. Depending on which makes most sense for your project, you can bering this influences into your interior design. For example, notice how these projects do it.

Singapore Interior Design Tips and Trends


Stunning, right? The delicate feather and gill patterns invoke traditional Chinese culture. But there’s also something about the bright colors that calls to mind the local Hindi influences. The perfect style for a Singapore living room.

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