Sophie Burke Design: Famous Interior Designers in Canada

Sophie Burke Design Famous Interior Designers in Canada

Photo © Ema Peter

Do you prefer minimalism to opulence? If so, it’s time to introduce you to Sophie Burke Design (SBD). This Vancouver-based interior design firm is a true reference when it comes to minimalist interior design. Their projects are classic, subtle and understated. Indeed, one might say that they’re a good example of how the warm, unassuming Canadian charm can be used when decoration a home. Intrigued? Explore their top 5 projects with Insplosion!

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Beach House


Sophie Burke Design Famous Interior Designers in Canada


This project was designed for a building lot by the beach. For one thing, it’s all very understated and minimalist, truly urban. Yet, there’s a distinctively confortable and cosy vibe to its design. It’s a scandinavian style interior for people who like to be free of clutter.

However, there’s also an important focus on the materials. Wood, metal and marble are all key details here. For example, in the kitchen, where the black metal of the windows and stove creates a fine contrast with the marble counter and white walls. Finally, it is the light wood which adds that finishing scandinavian touch. They take these tricks to the bathroom and bedroom, although the latter obviously requires a lighter touch. And take a look at the sparse but genius use of flowers!

Mountain Retreat


Photo © SBID

Who says mountain homes have to be rustic? While following a few mountain home interior design trademarks, such as the use of wood, this interior design is all chicness and modernity. Furthermore, there are also two slightly different dining area designs. While they both use neutral tones, one focuses more on white and the other on grey. Yet, notice the consistent use of wooden products and clean lines.


Buckhorn © SBD

Another mountain retreat. The Burckhorn project is just as gorgeous as its predecessor. Yet, if we had to pick one key difference, we would would go with the greater emphasis on the scandinavian interior design style. Indeed, everything here is toned down, stylish and functional.

Yaletown Residence

Yaletown © Sophie Burke Design

Yet another example of neutral, understated sophistication. Yet, this time, there’s a slightly mid-century vibe to the whole decor. It never veers into that truly retro style, but the pop art patterns and geometric shapes certainly invoke a little of the 1960’s into this otherwise modern design.

The kitchen is another sensation. While the majestic blue is the first thing one notices about the room, it’s the details that truly make it interesting. For example, the bell-jar shaped lamps or the bubble chandelier. Once again, the sparse use of flowers is used to add personality to the room without overwhelming it.


A good example of what they can achieve on the contract front is Turf. While the concept of this shop + gym + restaurant/café is intriguing enough by itself, Burke’s interiors certainly add to its appeal. Moreover, we see certain features of her work that already show up in other projects. Indeed, just notice the contrast of the clean white surfaces with the black, shiny metal.

Yet, the most impressive thing is how the color scheme remains consistent throughout the several areas. In short, the project manages the seemingly impossible. It creates a design perfect for a dining, a shopping and an exercising space at the same time.

In short, she’s one canadian interior designer you need to watch out for. Can you think of any others?

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