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Here at Insplosion, we’re on a quest to introduce you to the top interior designers in Singapore. Space Atelier is amongst the very best! This incredible interior design firm tailors its work to the needs of each customer. Their portfolio includes commercial, corporate, and even residential projects. Let’s go through the best ones!

Space Atelier Singapore Interior Designers
©Space Atelier

Roots Condo Transit Road

The Roots Condo is all about the contemporary eclectic style. Yet, there are a few luxury elements that truly elevate the design. Indeed, just notice the luxury chandelier standing above the living room. It’s a perfect contrast to the more personal details on the shelves.

However, not all the project follows the same guidelines. While the master bedroom is even more contemporary than the living room, with geometric patterns on the walls, the little kid room looks entirely different. There’s a light background and there are personal items decorating the room, rendering it a classic child bedroom decor.

Trevista Condo Toa Payoh

Space Atelier Singapore Interior Designers
©Space Atelier

Yet another project that follows a contemporary style. The use of yellow and grey combined with the wood makes for a truly incredible interior. But the loveliest thing about this project is the way it integrates the existence of a child in the home into the design.

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Space Atelier Singapore Interior Designers
Dining Room ©Space Atelier
Space Atelier Singapore Interior Designers
Second Dining Room ©Space Atelier

At last, we have these two gorgeous views of the dining room. The wood used here is much lighter, matching the use of florals, and the lighting is so much more creative.

Loyang Besar

Space Atelier Singapore Interior Designers
Luxury Dining Room ©Space Atelier

Finally, we have the Loyang Besar project. This utterly delicate interior really splurges on the luxury design, going in so much more of a modern classic direction. Furthermore, the use of marble adds an extra dimension of sophistication. The mid-century design of the chairs also adds to the refinement of the ambiance.

Space Atelier Singapore Interior Designers
©Space Atelier
Space Atelier Singapore Interior Designers
Luxury Living Room ©Space Atelier

But we still have some more bonus shots of this project! Indeed, we’re pretty sure only this last picture fully allows you to appreciate the entirety of the manor’s beauty. Even the bedroom is all about mixing classic and contemporary, with utterly gorgeous results.

So, did you enjoy getting to know Space Atelier?

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