Born in 2010, design company Masquespacio has already been acknowledged as one of the most innovative and fresh voices of the design field. Its original approach – based on the two favorite disciplines of its founders – has taken its own spot as a Spanish award-winning creative consultancy in Valencia.

Kento store – Valencia

Bright colored interiors and vivid concepts are some of the specific traits that makes Masquespacio the design firm capable of offering a new perspective, the union of Ana Milena Hernández Palacios and Christophe Penasse: the duo brought their own specific pieces of knowledge – respectively interior design and marketing – to give a new spin to the old company method. A mix of passion and enthusiasm is the key strategy adopted by the design couple.

Cuadernos Rubio  -Valencia

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that – even if Masquespacio is relatively new company – it has been awarded this year Interior Designer of The Year by T Magazine Spain – The New York Times, the Massimo Dutti “New Values” Award by Architectural Digest Spain, and Wave of the Future Award by Hospitality Design Magazine in 2016. Other important international awards have followed their projects around the world, from Spain and France to Norway to USA and Germany.

Masquespacio’ s philosophy is based on creating unique experiences and visions that result all the time in detail-oriented perception of its clients, an affinity with their messages and identities that led the creative consultancy to create extremely fitting interiors, able to respond to the contemporary dynamics of modern brands.

Vino Veritas – Oslo



Some of the last projects have been the third Kento sushi store and the Cuadernos Rubio store in Valencia: the sushi store – the third and the biggest until now – offers a rich contrast between the grey tiles and the furniture’s pop splashes of colors, while the Japanese-oriented bamboo-like semi-circular elements of wood are familiar elements for the brand compared to the new industrial metallic materials that enhance the new store.

retoque digital Carlos Huecas Arredondo

Instead, Cuadernos Rubio saw the realization of its first concept store from the capable hands of Masquespacio: a like-mindedness toward colors, the appreciation for the art – a specific trait of the Spanish publisher – and an interactive space are the aesthetics’ definite traits that have been chosen by Ana Milena Hernández Palacios, with futuristic neon signs, tunnels, areas created for diverse projects such as reading and studying and a time machine that uses augmented reality goggles to explain the publisher’s history.

 Doctor Manzana store

Another Masquespacio project that manages to mix different influences is Vino Veritas in Oslo, where the Andalusian traits from Lo Alpujarra bring Spanish Gastronomy to the north: Scandinavian elements such as white decorations and wood furniture have been matched with Spanish clay tiles, baskets, balcony railings, homemade raffia, and cord lamps. Plants and colored furniture provide a warm feel to the interiors.

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