The Stella Collective Designs Luxurious Office Interior in Sydney

The Stella Collective Designs Luxurious Office Interior in Sydney

Melbourne studio The Stella Collective features luxurious furnishings and detailing in Memocorp’s office design in Sydney.

Melbourne based interior design studio The Stella Collective  opt for an unusual luxurious concept in Memocorp ‘s office design, featuring black and gold furnishings and high end marble. The office design resembles a luxury penthouse rather than a corporate workspace due to its seducing layout and color pallet. Yet we couldn’t be more supportive of its result.

According to the designers the mission was to establish a warm domestic feel to the space, while emphasizing the well being of the workers. This meant creating a soft balance between hospitality and workplace.

To achieve that, the designers opt to create an open-plan layout that enables plenty of natural lighting from the 200-metre building’s skyline. Separating the office spaces and meeting rooms, large planes of steel framed glazing was used.

The interior design project features a neutral color palette, pale oak floors, modern rugs, comfortable seating and pot plants to emphasize the domestic feel. Memocorp‘s Sydney office now includes areas for eating, working playing and relaxing, which are spread in different floor levels.

In this room, full-length windows allow outstanding views from the city, while rectangular black tables and grey chairs create a wonderful office set. Minimalist lighting pendants fall from the ceiling, creating a dazzling silhouette.

The office also includes a gym, where yoga mats can be laid for morning stretches and a full commercial kitchen for parties and events.

In the centrally-located bathroom block, where natural light was not available, the designers created a custom wallpaper featuring New York photographer Brooke Holm’s imagery of the Nevada desert.

Glass coffee and center tables are spread throughout the space, while a black and white patterned rug involves the ambiance in a reflection. White decorative elements include a geometrical table lamp and a sofa, which are complemented by natural greenery.


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