Studio Bespoke Famous Interior Designers in Texas
Photos © Studio Bespoke

Studio Bespoke: Famous Interior Designers in Texas

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Have you heard of Studio Bespoke? Today’s inspiration is this interior design firm based in Houston, Texas. Although a large studio, they pride themselves on delivering the intimate service of a much smaller firm. Likewise, although they value sophistication, they never let go of their bright and eclectic signature style. Curious? Get to know them with Insplosion!

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Studio Bespoke Famous Interior Designers in Texas
Photos © Studio Bespoke

Everything you need to know about Studio Bespoke

The studio’s leader is interior designer Jodi Holt. She founded the firm in 1996 and has been delivering her lush, detailed designs ever since. Today, the studio prides itself on mostly serving repeat costumers. In fact, costumer relationship and satisfaction are their core focus. The studio highlights the unique and personalized nature of all their projects. It’s all about creating the best ambience for costumer’s specific needs.

“Possibilities are limitless when you start with a blank canvas.”

Jodi Holt

Residential Projects

So, let’s start with the Silver Lining project. This mid-century interior manages to be both classic and exotic. The lush, comfortable chairs are combined with exotic patterns and pottery. The blue, white and yellow color scheme also add to this perfect balance between the familiar and the foreign. A perfect luxury living room for any interior design lover.

Still on the residential front, we have Wild at Heart. This incredible interior has a lot of the same strenghts as the previous one. Bold colors and clashing patterns combine to create a unique maximalist style. However, it’s the offbeat details, like the hand sculpture that truly make the room.

Of course, the studio’s main focus is clearly the individuality of each project. For example, with Perfect Form. This gorgeous interior is unlike anything we’ve ever seen. The sophisticated elements, like the golden center tables, take nothing away from the irreverence of the overall design. You’ve got bold colors, clashing patterns and luxury chandeliers sharing the same space and it works. But what really struck us was the disco ball in the living room. Truly unique!

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Contract Interiors

Organic Form is more understated than most of their residential projects, but still recognizable as their own. Indeed, the color scheme might steer towards brown and earhtly tones,  but the boldness is still there. For example, in the clashing patterns and huge chandeliers. It’s luxurious and ecletic. This time, though, their also betting on metal and wood.

At last, Pure Elegance earns its name with these almost baroque interiors. You can still see a lot of the studio’s signature patterns. However, the clashes here are less obvious. Again, the details in wood and metal truly make this project. It’s like being inside a Fabergé egg, don’t you think?

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