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Stunning and Luxurious Entrance: This is the ideal entrance! Don’t you think so? So much space, detail and light! The furniture pieces look so great and in tune with the lighting pieces! The extreme luxury of the golden shine gives this entrance an out-of-this-world feel! The stone-detailed floor perfectly matches the room design and lighting!


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Luxurious Entrance



An entrance hall worthy of a Royal Palace.


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Empire Suspension


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The Empire chandelier, the first product of the Empire family, served as the model for the Empire suspension. This unique fixture, which will fit well in any room, is built with a single exquisite layer of brass and crystal glass.


Empire Wall Lamp


The Empire wall lamp was inspired by the Empire State Building, which explains why it is so strong and capable of transforming any room into a breathtaking scene.


Lapiaz Console

Boca do Lobo

The super was motivated by actual karst formations. Its organic elements are accomplished by hand-fitting polished brass and giving polished stainless steel a sharp finish that looks like a perfect mirror.

The mirrored façade and hammered gold accents express both dynamism and elegance, creating a lovely contrast between power and refinement that gives home decor a fresh, modern edge. A piece of utilitarian art created from newly broken ice to display beautiful, golden details.

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