Stunning Living Room with Bordeaux Touches

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Stunning Living Room with Bordeaux Touches: The colours, the natural light, and all the attention to the details and splendour of decor make this design so full of luxury! We believe all your friends, guests, and family will feel comfortable and exclusive in this Amazing Living Room !

The incredible balance between the dark colors and the other ones gives a stunning style.


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5 Best Inspirations To Get A Perfect Living Room Design



Stunning Living Room 


Would you like to have a Living Room like this? We have solutions for you!


Here are some suggestions to have an Amazing Living Room with Bordeaux style!

Sequoia Center Table




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California is home to the world’s largest and tallest tree, the sequoia. SEQUOIA Center Table is a force of nature, just like it. The distinctive walnut root veneer top reveals the passing of time, and the aged brass base gives a sophisticated touch. The beauty of time’s movement is portrayed by this contemporary center table.


Bonsay Dining Table

Boca do Lobo


A modern aesthetic, and irresistible power are the qualities that make a bonsai a romantic object at first glance. The Bonsai Dining table is a terrific example of how Boca do Lobo approaches the re-adaptation of historic furniture forms, and it features bold lines and character in a fantastic blend of styles and material finishes.


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