The 5 Most Gorgeous Luxury Handmade Rugs

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Few items scream luxury like a handmade rug. Exquisite, finely created pieces that combine craftsmanship and opulence. Yet, with such beautiful items, it’s often difficult to pick one that truly stands out. How do you find a unique, creative one? Insplosion is sharing the most gorgeous luxury handmade rugs for your consideration.

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Oslo Rug – Rug’Society


White, fluffy, and creative. This Oslo Rug does justice to its namesake. The creative, almost childish design encapsulates all the coolness of the Norwegian capital.

Side to Side – Fendi Casa

But are you looking for something more contemporary? This Fendi Rug completely nails what people love the most about the brand. It’s bold and daring and the black and navy color scheme adds a touch of class.


Meta Rug – Rug’Society


This gorgeous Meta Rug looks just like a beautiful snakeskin. Its dark green shade and amazing gold and white patterns are creative, but they’re not bright enough to clash too much with any room. Indeed, you can use it for a more tropical or contemporary design, but it wouldn’t look totally out of place even in a modern classic interior!

Ancient Treasures – Bentley Area Rug

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But if you’re looking for something that reminds you of an antique, why not go for this Bentley Rug? The combination of red and gold is a classic for a reason. Furthermore, the flower and branch patterns are truly traditional and exquisite. It’s like a beautiful, antique rug with a luxury twist.

Ocli Rug – Rug’Society


But let’s get back to the contemporary style. The amazing Ocli Rug capitalizes on its bold graphic design and is made of natural wool and botanical silk. Besides, the black and white patterns create an amazing optical illusion that will leave your guests utterly hipnotized.


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