The Best High-End Restaurant Ideas by Gilles & Boissier

Gilles & Boissier

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Patrick Gilles and Dorothée Boissier are interior designers with very different styles, but they complement each other. They find inspiration in their constant creative quarrels. In this article, you can find some luxury high-end restaurant ideas from their project in Paris.

They have been signing many international projects since 2004: from residences to hotels, luxury stores to contemporary. As partners in life and interior design, Gilles & Boissier complement each other to create some of the finest interiors of our time.

If Patrick Gilles can be credited with austere lines and a keen taste for fine woods, Dorothée has a knack for spatial fluidity, color and intuitive elegance.

The restaurant is called Cafe De L’Homme and is beautifully designed both inside and out. Take a look to understand the environment of this amazing restaurant.

Take a look at the details of the dining chairs.

In this project, you can see the combination of the styles of Gilles and Boissier.

It’s true that they say you can see the Eiffel Tower from anywhere in Paris. But not everywhere is the view so clear, so close and so open. Here, you can sit at a stunning dining table and have the perfect French meal while gazing out at one of the world’s landmarks.

Editor’s Choice – Charlotte Armchair

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This is just one of their amazing projects and if you are looking for inspiration for your own restaurant projects, we encourage you to learn more about this so distinctive pair. Stay updated with the best news about trends, interior design tips, and furniture luxury brands through the Insplosion Blog. Follow us on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and Linkedin for more inspiration!

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