The Perfect Minimalist Dining Room

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The Perfect Minimalist Dining Room: Not all of you appreciate great spaces with tons of details! You are probably looking for something different! Luxury can also be the preference of  minimalist design, where the balance between color and light has more importance for you! Today’s article is about that, an example of minimalist dining design.


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Minimalist Dining Room



Despite being simple, this dining room has a sumptuous feel because to them!


Minimalist Suggestions

Lapiaz Black Dining Table 

Boca do Lobo 


The Lapiaz dining table represents countless gatherings and decisions made during happy and tense times over the course of decades.
Its fractures represent hard times and disclose a golden inside with a manifesto for power. The remaining surface is flawless and brilliant and reminds one to toast to prosperity by pointing towards a prosperous future.

Office Ideas


Soleil Armchair

Bocado Lobo


The contemporary chair Soleil is a blend of several aesthetics. The intention is to invoke, provoke, and evoke. It is inspired by the spirit and mission of the renowned Cirque du Soleil.


Turner Wall Lamp



Turner is the ideal antique accent to DelightFULL’s Heritage Collection. This antique wall lamp, which has five brass circular arcs, was motivated by Tina Turner’s dynamic dancing steps.


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Interior Designer: Robert Passal
Interior Designer: Robert Passal