Top 10 World’s Exclusive and Expensive Furniture Brands

Top 10 World’s Exclusive and Expensive Furniture Brands

Interior Design and Home Decor are both markets with a lot of demand and offer, many styles, innovative design solutions, and different kinds of trends.  With to purpose of Interior design inspirations, we provide you a list of Top 10 Expensive Furniture Brands!


Likewise, there’s a market with exclusivity and offer-demand out of scale. This is a Luxury Interior design and Home Decor world. Moreover, in this world, the brands aim for the most creative designs, for high-quality materials and products. Therefore, for the luxury elegant look and for the exclusivity this type of design can offer. Equally, great luxury and quality, most expensive the design or product. Nowadays, the market for exclusive and luxury furniture brands has grown considerably. Once a select market, with few very luxurious and expensive brands, the world of luxury furniture has grown exponentially.


Hence, Insplosion as an inspirational interior design reference, a seller is giving you the top 10 of exclusive, expensive, luxury brands. Therefore, a list of expensive furniture brands does not end with that, here, find expensive furniture stores. Even though there are numerous luxury exclusive brands, the list of top 10 can change depending on each person’s taste for exclusive designed luxury furniture. About this top 10, let’s see what brought them to the top of our interior design the most expensive furniture brand references!


Exclusive luxurious Bathrooms by Maison Valentina

Maison Valentina is a bathroom luxury brand. Inspired in the finest materials, in particular, the Carrera Marble, this brand fills each bathroom design with clean lines and exuberant looks.


Expensive Furniture Brand: Versace Home

As a big fashion house, Versace always tried to broaden its creative world. As so, Versace Home represents the same line of luxury and quality in interior design that the brand evokes in each of its works.

Exclusivity does not equal restrictions for Versace Home, so they insist on the diversity of colors and patterns. Known for its iconic and glamorous patterns, one could say Versace imprints them as its personal branding in every design. Versace does many designs in black, white patterns and gold. However, the brand also does not shy away from much brighter or vibrant colors, combining them in absolute perfection.

Credits by Versace & Versace Home

Feminine exclusivity by Koket

Koket brand’s motto is to create innovative interior design and decor, as a representation of real content and experiences. This exclusive brand is all about design statements and design experiences without limits. The brand insists on great aesthetics, high-quality design, risqué approaches to design, everything that would make the final product a perfection.


Exclusive modern design by Fendi Casa

Once again, Fendi home also represents the extension of  Fendi into interior design. It’s brilliant how an exclusive brand such as Fendi, has extended its brilliance in visual looks, materials and patterns, into such as vast worlds such as interior design and decor.

Exclusive Furniture Brand: BRABBU

BRABBU is an interior design and decor exclusive brand, with demand for design all over the world, style by style, Brabbu’s interiors are with personality. Besides the special care in the craftsmanship of their products, Brabbu is also very well versed in the mixed use of colours, materials and diversified finishes. 


Tom Dixon

Inspired by the designer himself, this brand is unique in all its designs and accomplishes. Many know Tom Dixon for its brilliance in lighting solutions, but Tom Dixon’s brand is so much more than lighting designs, having a vast selection of homeware and accessories and, also, several furniture designs.

Credits by Tom Dixon

Unique Lamps by Delightfull

Speaking about Top 10 Expensive Furniture Brands, we could not miss Delightfull and  their partners Essential Home. It is an exclusive brand for modern, contemporary and retro unique lighting designs. The range of design style they can base their designs is immense. From suspensions and pendant lamps to floor and wall lamps, from modern to graphics lighting designs, Delightfull masters lighting design.

Therefore, read about brand new partnerships by Delightfull HERE


Exclusive Furniture Brand: Bentley Home

Bentley Home is all about interior design and creative ideas. Hence, based on influences fashion, art, of design and decor trends and styles, through crafted designs and various materials, the brand creates exclusive furniture and accessories.

Credits by Bentley Home

Bentley Home is included on The Luxury Living Group, whose design collections show the investment and emphasis on enhancing creativity, elegance, tradition, and innovation. Therefore, as an Italian brand, the high quality of the design and the final product itself is not only expensive but immense.

Expensive Furniture Brand: Restoration Hardware

Restoration Hardware is a world-renowned exclusive interior design and decor brand in the luxury lifestyle market. Its creations range from furniture, lighting, textiles, rugs, bathroom ware, décor and outdoor,  baby & child and teen products.

Their design is known for being timeless, with constant regard to both the classics and novelties on trends and influences. Additionally, restoration Hardware focuses on the creation of unique product designs and quality, worth to be within the top10 most expensive and exclusive furniture brand, doesn’t it?

Credits by Restauration Hardware

Expensive Furniture Brand: Kartell

An exclusive and luxurious brand for home design and decor, Kartell has a wide range of design for products such as lighting designs, upholstery and casegoods. A bit different from other brands way of design, Kartell invests in several lines of color and materials.

Credits by Kartell


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