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Home Office Decor Tips: The Best 4 Ideas

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Home Offices are designed for work and work is better within an inspiring space.

So, if it’s possible to create a space with all the means for work that maintains a warm and creative energy, that’s a sucess. Indeed, creating a welcoming space where you can be productive  is the main goal of home office design. That’s why we’re sharing our top 4 home office decor tips!

But how cany you create a practical yet perfectly gorgeous room design for a home office? How can you embelish a space without compromising the practicalities you need? Through inspiring decor!


Indeed, decor is the perfect way to achieve the best look for a home office!

Home Office Ideas

In fact, there are numerous Decor tips that can help you improve your home office look, or turning it from a simple room into a creative one, made for productive and innovative ideas or projects.


1st Decor Tip: Lighting

While lighting is super important to have in any space, this especially true in a workspace.

When working, people are focused. Since the constant focus on work, either on paper or digital, will tire anyone eventually, you have to rest your eyes.

So, good lighting is key!

Big or small, simple or complex, the key feature any lighting design should have is how light will be projected, concerning the space of work.

Not talking about having a yellow or white color of light, since that’s another choice. No, we’re talking about any lamp (floor, wall or ceiling) exuding light in the most space possible.

So, you can have a gorgeous lamp with inovative shapes. That’s creative and can be a feauture. But the consensus must be good design and good light projection.

A lamp which design interferes with the office space having a decent light is no good design at all.


2nd Decor Tip: Storage

Home Office Ideas

Storage is essential in any home office, but particularly a home office.

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Having an office at home doesn’t mean space is ready for many storage casegoods, so sometimes it’s important to add storage and be creative about it.

The organization is also key for any home office!

In storage options for home offices, there’s a lot to be creative about.

Let’s see some examples!

About casegoods such as cabinets and sideboards, the Collectionista Bookcase and the Soho Sideboard By Boca do Lobo, are perfect examples of creative storage solutions. And beside the beauty of the pieces, they are very adjustable to different interior design styles.


3rd Decor Tip: Accessories

Accessorizing is important in any Interior Design project. Accessorizing can be what keeps any room design connected with certain trends or styles.

Home Office Ideas
Home Office Creative Ideas

It’s easy to accessorize any room since it’s neither reducing or overbearing for any room design.

Accessorize can be done in lesser amounts yet still have a big impact!

4th Decor Tip: Mix of Color, Material and Structure

The easiest way to improve a home office design without having to exaggerate on either decor or the interior design style.

To create a space with nice and creative decor that will inspire you in your work, using combinations of colors, materials and a model structure for the space it’s the best.

Creative mixes can make a lot for a home office design!

These home office ambiences are a representation of how creative mixes can do a lot for a room which use is work.

The office of the blogger joins neutral tones, whites and pinks, with shimmers of matallics such as gold and silver. The metallic colors are used on casegoods such as the table and the bookcases, contrasting with the softer tones on the upholstery and rug.

This project for Tommy Hilfiger Home Design is another story. The  red and blue are such vibrant colors for the walls, making the room stand out immediately and turning it into aappealing space to work in. The contrast of marble floors, white table and lighting suspension, with the exotic colored wall decoration, is brilliantly done.

The other two home office ambiences are also spectacularly decorated, using creative wallpapers with floral patterns and geometric lines. Again, the use of white tones on accessories, the use of metallic shades on lighting designs and casegoods is amazingly done.

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