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Top Chandelier Inspirations To Illuminate Your House

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Chandeliers make a dramatic visual impact in any room! They are a great way to set the tone for a room’s decor. Also, when it comes to lighting, chandeliers can add elegance and class to any space. 


Luxury Chandelier Botti Diamond



The Living Room is one of the most used spaces socially. Therefore deserves a decoration that leaves all your friends and familiars stunned! The Botti Suspension Lamp is a unique piece made with handmade brass. This amazing lamp is boosted with a sophisticated gold-plated finish. A modern and special piece for your living room!

Botti Pendant Lamp


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Botti Suspension


The Supernova Chandelier is inspired by the natural sensation of waterfalls. This chandelier was realized with high-quality brass and beautifully handmade ribbed tubes of crystal glass. This his powerful creation will fit perfectly into any ambiance


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Supernova Chandelier


The Majestic Chandelier represents the perfect combination of traditional techniques. With a selection of high-quality materials in an uncommon gold plated, hat astonishes and empowers its surroundings.

Majestic Chandelier

Luxury Brands



How not be obsessed with the structure and fine details that this chandelier boasts? You may also like to try this masterpiece that elevates any room.

Top Chandelier



The Coltrane Suspension Lamp is a simple handmade steel lamp. It has a steel cable and a canopy on top. The underside of the tube is made of stainless steel, with a gold powder finish. A room that meets the modern and the classic.

Top Chandelier


Shop The Look: Coltrane Suspension Lamp

Coltrane Suspension Lamp


Here is a minimalist lamp is chosen by the famous Katharine Pooley to light up this room.  Therefore your living space will look luxurious and imposing without any effort. You can never go wrong with a bold chandelier!

Top Chandelier



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