Are you ready to feel really bold? Today, we have prepared for you a lot of inspirations for your next home project. It’s springtime and everywhere in the world, it’s time of changing: from the rebirth of nature and the warming weather to closets to even our mood! Being in the open air and catching some well-deserved sun is a blessing and why don’t you use this positive attitude as a starting point for an eccentric renovation? One of the current top choices is lime green (yes, can you believe it?). At this point, we all know and understand the various meaning s behind a color, its hues and the feelings it can stimulate. Always green has been seen as the color connected with nature (without any doubts!) and its changing time during spring: so, for us, it means the hope of renewal or even resurrection. It has a calming effect, thanks to its balancing qualities and healing hues. But we want to be a little more eccentric and use lime green as a decoration statement. Don’t be afraid to dare, you know the saying “Go bold or go home!”. So, are we starting our TOP LIME GREEN DECOR INSPIRATIONS list? Let’s begin!



The first in our list revolves around the use of a clean palettewhite, everyone? – to really bring emphasis to the lime green hues of the room. White is evergreen and never a pun has nailed it so accurately!


If you don’t feel really so comfortable using an entire lime green palette, the perfect solution will be starting with a few bold accessories – pillows, curtains or even chairs are a big hit – to enliven any room’s color atmosphere a little bit and it can be the best way to start getting used to this bright tone. We think it might be one of the best advice in our TOP LIME GREEN DECOR INSPIRATIONS!


Another classic choice to combine lime green hues is grey: an elegant color that surely will have the power to take down a notch the lime green brightness and it will create an edgy atmosphere to any room of your choice. Surely, this is the most elegant possibility among our TOP LIME GREEN DECOR INSPIRATIONS!


The simplest way to redecorate and give new life to a room is painting the walls with a new color and what about lime green walls? We know it’s an audacious option but it’s a flawless opportunity to cheer up your home a little bit. The best way to be is to use at least 3 elements to match in the room and create, in this way, a colored theme. Think about it!


Whether your choices are always been eccentric, or you are not afraid to go totally bold, try with a monochromatic setting and create a lime green explosion. The wow effect is assured!

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