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United Kingdom Interior Design Trends for 2022

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United Kingdom Interior Design Trends for 2022

Whether it’s reimagining the entire room with on-trend paint colors and investing in this season’s so-now bouclé sofas, or just upgrading soft furnishings with the current designs, decor trends provide all the inspiration you need to rethink your house. Experts discuss the biggest and brightest for 2022, from colors to textures, accessories to building materials. Continue reading the article to find the United Kingdom Interior Design Trends for 2022!


United Kingdom Interior Designs


United Kingdom Interior Design Trends for 2022

A magical new material trend is on the horizon, and it’s full of galaxy-inspired finishes. From this premium tabletop to stunning console tables, dark tones veined with white and pastel blue streaks are sprouting up everywhere.

Editor’s Choice: Needle Table Lamp

Needle Table Lamp





If you loved the previous Interior Design trends

Have a look at this statement of Lighting

shard chandelier, trends

‘Equal parts functional and attractive, statement lighting allows people to highlight their gorgeous homes while also serving as eye-catching artwork,’ explains Dayna Isom Johnson, Etsy’s Trend Expert. Many people are already looking for statement lighting that matches their particular style, from sculptural pendants to eye-catching sconces. The Shard Chandelier is the ideal solution for that wow factor. It is a one-of-a-kind sculpture with a powerful design equivalent to a work of art, inspired by the stunning Shard London Bridge. Allow this Modern Chandelier to shine in your projects with its gold-plated brass and crystal glass, and you will not be disappointed.

Editor’s Choice: Vertigo Center Table



Converting Spaces to Multi-Functional Environments

United Kingdom Interior Design Trends for 2022

Office Ideas

Our homes have never had to work harder than they have in recent years, particularly our living rooms, which have been transformed into home offices, home teaching centers, and entertainment spaces. As a result, the zoning trend is poised to become a permanent manner of ensuring that our living rooms precisely suit our diversified lives. This opulent workspace is more than just a desk and a chair. It’s a state of mind, a way of existence. The Apotheosis Desk by LUXXU is a powerful and useful statement piece that comes with a USB port for optimal accessibility. The Apotheosis Bookcase was also installed in the room not just to add design but also to store mementos from various occasions.

Editor’s Choice: Apotheosis Desk


Seeking more Interior Design Trends?

Check the Design that is Influenced by Nature

United Kingdom Interior Design Trends for 2022

Ben White, design and trade expert at Swyft says: “Bringing the outside in is a trend we’ve spoken about for a while, but it will come to fruition next year. Plants, wood, and terracotta serve to incorporate green and natural tones into our homes. Green velvet sofas, sage or olive walls, and jute-textured rugs are all possibilities.
As a result, we recommend the Waterfall Pendant by Luxxu, which evokes the glittering impression of waterfalls while taking into account a variety of settings. It features a gold-plated brass composition and ribbed fine crystal glass tubes handcrafted by experienced craftsmen.

Editor’s Choice: Waterfall Suspension Lamp


Trending Colours


Green as a hue will continue to be a popular decor style in 2022. Mint is making an appearance in kitchens, olive in living areas, while pistachio is ideal for bedrooms. The dominant decor trend, however, is texture and color depth. The opulent Charla Single Sofas with personalization in beautiful shades of dark green produce a perfect harmony with the colors. They are accompanied by the Senzu Sofa.



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