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Paul Fortune Design Studio is located in Los Angeles, CA, it has been functioning since 1982 and nowadays they count with a client base from all around the globe. The Studio is more experienced in planning and executing commercial as well as residential projects to sectors such as entertainment, art, and media, always displaying a unique and distinct style that is broadly recognized by the design industry. Each project is meticulously looked upon and tailored to the specific client needs, as a result, they only take a certain number of projects per year to give both the client and the individual design process the full attention they need.


Alta Dena Hacienda (1996)

Paul Fortune - USA Top Interior Designers



Bel Air Estate (1993)



Carpinteria (2010)

Paul Fortune - USA Top Interior Designers



Chamberlain Estate (2003)


Paul Fortune began his carer designing music videos and album covers for the Eurythmics, which was a British pop duo in the ’80s, from a nightclub owner to film art director Paul Fortune’s career was always associated with entertainment and craftsmanship. After that Paul started to get more involved in interior styling, providing services to icons such as Sofia Coppola, Marc Jacobs, David Fincher, Brian Grazer, Aileen Getty, and others. In addition, Paul introduced the crashed Cadillac in the façade of Hard Rock Cafes and was responsible for the renovation of The Sunset Tower and Tower Bar.

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Crow House (2006)



Jacobs Apartment Paris (2002)

Paul Fortune - USA Top Interior Designers



Laurel Canyon (2004)

Paul Fortune - USA Top Interior Designers



Sunset Tower (2006)


To sum up, Paul Fortune’s career is full of great achievements and feats in the design sector, and all that experience and knowledge reflects itself on his projects. As you can see…


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