Weekly Trend: Gold Inspiration

Moodboard Gold

Weekly Trend is our new addition to Insplosion inspirations.

And Gold Inspiration is the first color trend inspiration we will provide, with glorious tips on both interior design and home decor.

An interior design has several phases besides the said design of a room. Each part has its own limitations, such as dimensions and the use of the space. Well, that aside, a color trend is much easier to insert in a design and much less restrictive, for either the designer and the project itself.

As so, being naturally much more manageable, Color Trends are truly useful and inspirational.

With our Weekly Trend feature, you’ll be able to check a great number of tips on mixing several colors. Mixing colors through simple finishes or textures, even different kinds of products. We’ll also provide some top ambiences of distinct rooms for inspiration.

Gold LOVE, the statement. “Diamonds are Girl’s Best Friend”, and gold is everyone’s best friend.

This is how Gold Inspirations is seen. And the message from this inspirational color trend, although being an exuberant shade, it can be perfectly adjusted into the design. And obviously, the design also can be revolving around it.

This is how it’s done!

Gold Inspiration can be used on the general design, the background of the room, every wall or only one. Either option would imply the need to counterbalance the exuberance of the background. If the design has gold designed walls, the home decor and furniture should be in either much lighter shades such as white or darker shades such as brown or black.

Naj 2 seater sofa by BRABBU
Eden Center Table by Boca do Lobo

If you want the design to have a simple background, you can use gold on big amounts such as casegoods and upholstery or small amounts through lighting and acessories, or even a mix of furniture and accessorizing.

Empire Snooker Suspension Lamp by Luxxu
Obssedia Dinning Table by Koket
Koi Stool by BRABBU

It really depends on the expectation for the room, if either a bright ambience or a more classic dark elegant one.

Gold is an extremely beautiful shade. It’s colorful, it’s elegant, it’s classic, it’s exuberant. It really can be made into anything you desire for your home. And another thing is that metallics shimmers have become really trendy and gold is at the top of metallic trends.




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