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For more than 25 years, WEIKEN (the best interior design company & renovation contractor in Singapore), has delighted customers with their friendly attentive service: creative, innovative, and aesthetic interior design solutions. They are a “one-stop service” for interior design & home renovation in Singapore, with a team (full of award-winning interior designers) trained and experienced in perfectly matching clients’ requirements.

Actual Project in MODERN CONTEMPORARY style at Waterline Condo, Singapore | Work Scope: Carpentry, Glass & Mirror, Tiling, Door Works, Painting, Demolition Works | Suppliers: Lamitak: Brandolini Viola Noce (WY 5215D), Truffle (SCX 1165D), Sol Luminaire: Line lights.

“To hack down existing kitchen wall to open up space. Letting air and light flow through the entire space. We did overlay composite wood decking beside their private pool which creates a new perspective to outdoor comfort just right outside their living room.”

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“To create more storage space for their new place this is why a full-height tv cabinet that doubles as a feature wall is created. A special slot is also created to accommodate the soundbar.”

“For the junior master room, the previous owner had made it a study room so we had to tear down every carpentry inside to recreate it into a bedroom space with a built-in wardrobe and to fully utilize the space, a customized study table with a drawer was created.”


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