10 Contemporary Rugs Ideas for this Autumn


10 Contemporary Rugs Ideas for this Autumn

Autumn season has come, so it is crucial to keep your home warm and at the same time adding a touch of unicity to your place! Get inspired by these 10 contemporary rugs! 

A rug is a really important piece for the interiors and it is also necessary to know how to choose the rug by the style, patterns, materials and textures according to the furniture pieces. See some contemporary rugs and get inspiration for your interior design projects!

The Mursi hand-tufted Tencel rug from Brabbu combines body painting motifs and animal’s footprints in abstract patterns. This marvellous design is bound to be an earth-to-earth acquisition for your home.

Sober, distinctive, captivating and unique are the best words to defined the Sistine Rug by Boca do Lobo which is inspired by the paintings on the chapel. This design serves as a tribute to the art of Michelangelo, reinterpreted according to the cosmopolitan and vibrant lifestyle of nowadays.

Inspired by the southern Angolan tribe, the Himba rug by BRABBU is characterized by a strong and powerful red colour and is made from hand-knotted thin wool.

The Burton Rug by Essential Home has a hexagonal shape with a pleasingly simple geometric pattern. Made out of thin wool, this stunning rug is entirely trimmed by hand in a low relief technique. When incorporated into a space, it adds depth due to its intricate composition that allows for optical illusion.

The Hand-knotted natural wool rug, Byscaine is the perfect area rug to place in your living room as it will add natural and timeless elegance.

Polanski by Essential Home is a felted wool rug produced in the traditional Portuguese technique called “beiriz”. This rug features a constructivist style of clean red lines on a white flat background, producing an abstract visual grammar with remarkable traces of chaos, disorder and psychological terror, just like Polanski’s films.

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The Kara rug from Brabbu was influenced on the Ethiopian small tribe of the same name. It displays a round spreading pattern made out of hand-tufted Tencel.

Anderson by Essential Home is a contemporary low pile rug produced in an over-tufted technique. This round rug has a wavy and abstract pattern, available in many pasty colour schemes, based on Wes Anderson palettes.

The GOBI hand-tufted Tencel rug was designed by BRABBU and depicts the extreme and opposite conditions that occur in this desert through its dark grey and sandy tones, applied with irregular yet incisive shapes.

Designed by CIRCU, the Moon printed rug has a tufted cut pile and is made of polyamide. It is the idyllic piece to place in a kids bedroom bringing a warmth and playful astronautic vibe to the decor.

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