Kids Rooms: TOP 10 Fun Ideas

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There are more and more boards on Pinterest that show how to decor kids’ rooms (bedrooms and playrooms). For the reason that, INSPLOSION selected for you Kids Rooms: TOP 10 Fun Ideas to inspire you and your kid!

Playful kids bedroom


Apartment renovation, France, by Les Ateliers Tristan & Sagitta

Kids bedroom

Changing floor surfaces and pale blue paintwork create a visual divide in the children room of this renovated Parisian apartment. Moreover, it gives two brothers a side each to play in. Likewise, other kids furniture details include a model plane that hangs down from the traditional ceiling rose.

A|A Duplex, Israel, by Yael Perry

Kids play area

Furthermore, this renovated apartment in Sharon, Israel, features a small play area with blocks of color painted onto the walls, and wall-mounted storage shaped like houses.

Adorable House, Japan, by Form

Skylights funnel daylight into the first floor of this top-heavy family residence in Tokyo. Furthermore, this bedroom features a pared-back children room with white walls and simple wooden furniture.

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Sleep and Play, Russia, by Ruetemple

Kids play area

This Russian summer house features a multi-level play area with a suspended net above the master bedroom. Therefore, thus allowing its occupants to supervise their children without getting out of bed.

Tel Aviv apartment, Israel, by Toledano Architects

Kids room

A plywood cabin is located inside the children’s bedroom of this Tel Aviv apartment, creating a nook for its youngest residents to escape to. As well as, space is laid out like a playground and filled with kids’ bedroom furniture objects that promote creativity.

Toy Management House, Australia, by Austin Maynard Architects

Kids room

Luxury Brands

Storage for toys takes priority in this remodeled Melbourne home. Here, built-in floor cupboards that conceal clutter and a hybrid bunkbed and bookshelf in the kid’s bedroom.

House for a Photographer, France, by Alireza Razavi

Children bedroom

A mezzanine level transforms the attic of this kid’s bedroom in Brittany into a compact bedroom, with a ladder connecting the sleeping and playing areas.

The Family Playground, Taiwan, by HAO Design

Kids room

This Taiwanese home contains a set of stairs that doubles up as a bookcase. Besides, it connects the kitchen with a play area featuring window-shaped cutouts and a cushioned reading space – designed to encourage more family time.

The Rough House, Canada, by Measured

Kids roomEventually, toy building blocks can be used to create drawings on the cupboards in this children’s playroom, contained within a house in Vancouver.

Bernoulli House, Switzerland, by Rafael Schmid

Children playing area

A kid’s room featuring neon wall transfers and toys contrasts with the pared-back interiors of this Zurich residence.  Besides, the room avoids color in favor of all-white walls and cabinetry.

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Kids bedroom

Kids playroom

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