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Aparicio + Associates: Exclusive Interior Design in NY

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Even in a city as glamorous as New York, Aparicio + Associates stands out due to the elegant beauty of their interiors. A+A is what they call a full-service architectural firm. From architecture to interiors, they can walk their customers through every step of designing a luxury home. Keep reading to learn about the man behind this exclusive studio and explore some of its best projects, from the West Coast to the Upper East Side!

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Who is Carlos Aparicio?

Although he is now a star of NY interior design, studio founder Carlos Aparicio was actually born in Cuba. After arriving to the US, Aparicio got his bachelor’s degree in architecture from the Rhode Island School of Design. He later obtained a master’s from Harvard University.

Throughout his career, Aparicio’s interiors have been featured in prestigious trade magazines, such as Architectural Digest. His elegant interiors reflect a passion for the classic and mid-century styles. Indeed, he is also the proud owner of the Gallery BAC in Soho, which specializes in 20th-century antiques.

But a picture is worth a thousand words, right? See his amazing creations yourself!

New York City Apartment

NYC Apartment © A+A

Let’s start with this lovely, mid-century influenced New York City Apartment. While definitely classic and decorated with vintage-inspired pieces, this place is much more “timeless” than “retro”. That’s precisely the sort of effect you want in a luxury interior. Indeed, the apartment borrows the elegance of 20th-century design without losing the focus on functionality and light. The green details also add charm to an otherwise neutral interior.

The second living area and the dining one follow the same formula. Thus, you have neutral but warm tones and mid-century furniture combining to create a truly elegant interior. Notice how the designer uses creative details like the patterns on the walls and the unique ceramics in the dining room to keep the decor from feeling too dated.

New York City Duplex

Luxury Brands

While this complete renovation of a New York City Duplex is still quite mid-century influenced, it goes in a much more colorful 1960s inspired direction. The colorful rugs and art pieces help make this a much bolder, wilder design. Yet, the room is never allowed to turn garish. Notice that the main colors are still brown, white, and even grey. Once again, a classy room is all about balance!

However, there’s one signator decor element in this Duplex that repeats itself in every room. Can you guess which? The flowers, of course! Yet, while in the first room they are white and used to add a dash of delicate class to the ambiance, the bold shades of the flowers chosen for the other rooms actually add to their eclectic nature. Aren’t you in love with the luxury chandelier in the walk-in closet?

Miami Residence

Miami Home © A+A

Finally, we’re heading to the West Coast for something a little different. We’ve already given you a few tips on West Coast Style Interior Design, and this Miami Residence is a fine example of it. Spacious rooms, lots of light, and colors that reflect it. Indeed, Aparicio + Associates uses all these strategies while maintaining its sophisticated mid-century trademark style.

But there are two other rooms that deserve a spotlight. Just notice how comfortable, personal, and eclectic this office design is. If anything, we would be a little too open to relaxing in there! The kitchen, however, contrasts with it by being nearly minimalist. It’s as airy, white, and light as any West Coast kitchen should be.

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