Design Intervention - Singapore Penthouse
SPP Living Room © Design Intervention

Design Intervention: Famous Interior Designers of Singapore

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Have you heard of Design Intervention? This Singapore based firm, founded by Nikki Hunt and Andrea Savage, takes a colorful and personal approach to interior design. Their lively projects showcased the best that south-asian interior decor has to offer. Curious? Get to know them with Insplosion!

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Who are Nikki Hunt and Andrea Savage?

While they are some of the most respected interior designers in Singapore, neither Nikki Hunt nor Andrea Savage were actually born in the country. Hunt is a British citizen, whereas Savage grew up between Kenya and Australia. These top creatives founded Design Intervention together in 2004. Since then, the firm has gathered many awards and accolades. Furthermore, they have designed both residential and contract projects in a variety of types.

South Asian Interior Design Tips and Trends


But what truly sets Design Intervention apart is their highly personal approach to interior design. In fact, they believe that a project’s starting point should be how a client wants to feel in their home.

We had already shown you the project above, featuring Brabbu, in our article on tips for Singapore interior design. Yet, this project is still a perfect example of what Nikki and Andrea can do. It’s beautiful, bright and electic, with more than a touch of Singapore itself. But there’s more!

A Singapore Penthouse

Design Intervention - Singapore Penthouse
SPP Living Room © Design Intervention

If you read our last article, you already know that part of what makes Singapore interior design special is the effortless combination of East and West. Well, this was precisely what we were talking about. Indeed, it’s no wonder the firm itself calls this an “east meets west home”. These clients were of Chinese heritage but had a taste for Japanese aesthetics. Thus, this interior combines all sorts of Eastern influences. But there are definitely some Western inspirations in Scandinavian details like the shape of the sofa.

Above, you can see other variations of the living room. Notice how the addition of the living coral bench makes the room so much more colorful. But you do need to see the bedroom as well.

Design Intervention - Singapore Penthouse
SPP Bedroom © Design Intervention

A Renovation of a Singapore Bungalow

Design Intervention - Singapore Bungalow

While maintaining the signature pops of color, this is a much more mid-century design. Indeed, the art evokes all sorts of 20th-century trends and events. The owners wanted a classy but unfussy place. Indeed, the key notion here is comfort. But there’s another key feature to this project: this home is actually set in a tropical area and some of the rooms are inspired by that.

Besides the green pops of color that occasionally show up, the use of wood also evokes the tropical outdoors. Even the use of white in the kitchen and living room are not the product of chance. This white background truly enhances the freshness and light of the lush setting. And, once again, they completed it with a gorgeous bedroom in a soft brown and fiery orange palette.

Design Intervention - Singapore Bungalow
Bungalow © Design Intervention

A Luxurious Penthouse Design

Bedroom © Design Intervention

Since we’re starting with the bedroom this time, you can probably already tell how much we love it. While this was actually designed for a luxury penthouse in Thailand, you can see the South-Asia interior design influences in plenty of elements. We’re talking about the mirror, of course, as well as the choice of plants. Besides, the choice of color scheme falls on orange and soft brown again. And let’s be honest: we still love it.

These two spectacular views from the Penthouse also show you just how personal Nikki and Andrea can make even the most luxurious spaces feel. Once again, there’s a tiny bit of a mid-century influence to the design, but the splashes of color make it unique. All that’s left is the dining area, which might be one of our favorite parts. It’s just so sun-filled and tropical. In fact, we think it’s an example of the best that South-Asian interior design has to offer.

Design Intervention - Luxury Penthouse Bangkok
Dining Area © Design Intervention


Modern Art Deco Design

Design Intervention - Art Deco House
Art Deco © Design Intervention

Finally, we have this unique stunner. While heavily inspired by the Art Deco style, we think there’s something almost baroque about this project. Perhaps it’s the delicate pastel color scheme? Either way, we think this project might be the final proof that this firm can combine uniqueness and luxury like no other. But see it for yourself!

Aren’t you just stunned by the use of this deep blue? Indeed, we think these rooms are even more baroque than the last ones. But the main trend is definitely still Art Deco, with the patterns on the wardrobe and chic chair designs.

Luxury Brands

At last, we have the gorgeous living room. Its Art Deco design evokes the roaring twenties, but the tropical splashes of color are all Singaporean wonder.

Design Intervention - Art Deco House
Living Room © Design Intervention


So, are there other Singapore interior designers we should cover? Let us know!

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