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If you’re even a little familiar with the Canadian interior design scene, you’ve probably heard of Douglas Design Studio. While the quality of their projects would make them stand out anyway, they have the unique appeal of knowing how to combine the old with the new. Indeed, it’s pretty common to find both vintage and contemporary pieces in their interiors. But isn’t a picture worth a thousand words? Come get to know their projects with Insplosion.

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Stone Mansion © DDS

The genius of Jeffrey A.Douglas

The founder and interior designer behind this amazing firm is Jeffrey A. Douglas. Since founding the company, in 1995, Jeffrey has been trying to create interiors that reconcile his respect for history with his hunger for fresh, contemporary design. He graduated from Ryerson University in 1989. Yet, his unique aesthetic was honed by years of traveling and appreciating fine art.

Jeffrey has been awarded several times by the Association of Registered Interior Designers of Ontario. Furthermore, he’s been featured in some of the top trade magazines, such as Style at Home, Canadian House and Home, and even Design New York!

Stone Grandeur

Entryway in Stone Mansion © DDS

Stone Grandeur earns its name. In fact, this project for a massive stone mansion capitalizes on this element. Notice how both the floor of the entryway and even the grey upholstery of its furniture call back to this bold, strong material. Yet, there’s nothing industrial about this interior. Details such as art, plants, and ebony add up to create something truly luxurious.

Dining Room in Stone Mansion © DDS

The dining room is an exception to this rule, drawing on wood as the main material instead. The combination of modern and vintage pieces is in full display here. Notice how the antique chairs and tables contrast with the creative lighting! 

Bedroom in Stone Mansion © DDS

Finally, the bedroom returns to the stone inspirations. Though there’s no actual use of the material, the grey color pallette truly defines this room. Yet, the warm nature of this particular shade of grey keeps the ambiance from becoming too austere. It’s a welcoming yet creative bedroom, the perfect combination of vintage and contemporary.

Contemporary Elegance

Office Ideas

As the name indicates, Contemporary Elegance is a little more….Well, contemporary than most of the studio’s projects. Just notice the sophisticated design of the center table in this classic entryway. Yet, we’d honestly still call this project mid-century, and you’re about to realize why.

Indeed, by betting on a rusty, orange color and in vintage pieces, this project goes for a distinctively retro look. We just love the leather armchairs in the living room corner and the antique pieces in the dining room.

Art Deco

Art Deco © DDS

Finally, this art deco project pulls of the seamless mix of old and new once again. The antique wardrobe doesn’t look out of place in this mid-century modern design, but it does stand out enough to add an interesting touch.


And yet, white and light was not the only direction they went in for this project. While the dressing room area goes for this same white palette, even evoking a much more contemporary energy, the other bedroom is entirely different. Indeed, both bedrooms let the shade of the wallpaper inspire their design. With a light, fine design, we can contrast a bold exotic one.

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