Kids Bedroom Ideas by Circu That Will Burst Creativity

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Kids Bedroom Ideas by Circu That Will Burst Creativity

We all know children need a space of their own where they can gow healthy and creative. These kids bedroom ideas will definitely help you create that!

We all know how  interior design can influence a person’s well being and there’s no way we can forget about children in this matter. These little beings need a space of their own, where they can give wings to their imagination and grow healthy and intelligent.

Recently we found out about this stunning brand called Circu, that offers innovative children furniture designs for the luxury market. Yet although it’s a high-end luxury brand, they manage to create items that would literally make any child’s dream come true.

Their inspiration drives from children’s everyday adventures and activities, incorporating them into unique, exclusive and handcrafted design. What we particularly enjoy about this brand is the fact they don’t leave important details such as creativity and fun behind, they worry about functionality yet enable kids a space to play in.

Here are a few Kids bedroom ideas that will transform any space into anuthentic adventure world.

Kids Bedroom Ideas by Circu That Will Burst Creativity

In this project Circu recreates a flying experience with its plane-shaped yellow bed and cloud lighting pendants. Dark blue wall coverings involve this kids bedroom design in a universe pattern while a contemporary white rug provides coziness to the space.

Kids Bedroom Ideas by Circu That Will Burst Creativity

In this cute kids bedroom design you find a creative playroom inspired by the traditional Tepees , a soft green pallet and a white flooring that balances out the brown shades of the wooden sideboard. Perfect for a little adventure.

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Kids Bedroom Ideas by Circu That Will Burst Creativity

This bedroom decor is a dream come true for every little astronaut out there. The Rocky Rocket armchair in combination with the moon-designed wall covering and the atomic explosion of the lighting pendant seems to recreate our very first Moon Landing!

For those who wish to explore the sky a little bit more, Circu designed this unique project that includes a delicate Air Baloon serving as a bed, a white fluffy rug to slow down the fall, light wooden floors and cloud lighting pendants to finish the look.

Everyone loves Ariel, even grown ups. In this dazzling kids bedroom design one can find a centered Mermaid Bed where little pearls can rest, creative wall coverings that reminds us of the sea, and of course a magical mirror for the princess.

Not in a hundred years one could think that high-end, luxurious design could ever fit into a child’s bedroom, yet here we are. To create this beautiful room, Circu opted out for a white and gold color pallet with a sprinkle of blue. A mid-century chair lays above a comfy white rug, with the company of a beautiful light shaded sidetable.  The sky is cloudy yet a dazzling sideboard and golden mirror give life to the space.



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