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Impressive Bathroom Design: Bathrooms with white tones always look stunning, and this one, designed by Constantine Frolov, is just the perfect example of how the simple straight lines mixed with decor details could look so outstanding!

The marble floor is full of dark and gray details, which provide a stunning ambience to this floor. On the other hand, the amazing golden tones of the lighting pieces and furniture give another dimension to this bathroom project!

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5 Best Inspirations To Get A Perfect Living Room Design


Outstanding Bathroom Design


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Diamond Bathtub

Maison Valentina

A contemporary tub with a wooden frame coated in a high-gloss black varnish is the ideal addition to a bathroom with a darker or white color scheme. Additionally, the irregular shape that was inspired by the distinct lines and characteristics of diamonds.

Brubeck Wall Lamp


The Brubeck wall lamp was inspired by the pipe organ, a timeless musical instrument, and Dave Brubeck, one of jazz’s greatest exponents.

Luxury Brands

This contemporary wall sconce will brighten your home and certainly, making it the ideal choice for a maximalist dining room or even a project to decorate an entranceway.


Sapphire Mirror

Maison Valentina


The term “Sapphire Mirror” comes from its resemblance to the sapphire, a blue costly stone. Besides, this mirror, which is made of Cornered Polished Brass, is a functional accessory for elegant bathrooms.

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