Luxury Kids Furniture

Luxury Kids Furniture: To Play, Learn And Have Fun

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Luxury Kids Furniture

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Luxury Kids’ Playrooms Inspirations



The children’s imaginary world can be quite magical! For the little ones, there are no barriers when it comes to imagination. Due to this fertile imagination, why not give them a space that stimulates all their creativity?  Therefore it Insplosion has selected some Luxury Kids Furniture inspirations for your kids’ room!

Luxury Kids Furniture

An aeroplane-inspired decoration for kids’ rooms is perfect to encourage the little explorers to develop their creativity. The Sky One Plane Bed is an aeroplane-themed kids’ bed with a playful design that it’s both didactic and fun.  In spite of being just a bed, the Sky One Plane Bed makes the crib-to-bed transition as painless as possible.

Shop The Look: Sky One Plane Bed

Sky One Plane Bed

Playground Inspirations

One of the first things that come to mind when we talk about children is “adventures”. Despite being tiny, these cute humans love a good challenging adventure. So why not take them to the moon? With that in mind, Circu Magical Furniture and Renata Aquino from Cozy Studio created a true journey into outer space. This trip was made through a magical playground for children.

Shop The Look: Rocky Rocket Sofa

Rocky Rocket Sofa


Luxury Kids Furniture

Created by We Wnętrzu, this is a space where children can let their imaginations run wild. A luxurious game room that seems to be in the middle of a magical forest. In this room, the little ones can live out their fantasies. As well as design and write their own fairy tale story. It’s not just a place where children can play and study. The surface of the Illusion Table also allows children to draw with chalk. However, you can also rotate to the white base and paint it like a pen board.


Shop The Look: Illusion Table

Circu Illusion Table


Luxury Kids Furniture

girls’ study area needs to express the personality of her owner. Here is a magical girls’ study area designed by Rana Ramadan in shades of pink and inspired by the faires. 


Shop The Look: Cloud Puff

Cloud Puff

Play Room

Circu, in partnership with designer Asmaa Tarek, brought a great fantasy to life. It was through this stunning project where dreams come true. We present the Bubble Gum Gym for playrooms, made for children to have fun and learn.
This project is ideal for the spare room you have in your home. It will allow the children to have a place to play on those cold winter days.


Shop The Look: Bubble Gum Gym

Bubble Gum Gym

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The Studia 54 is known for its glamour and high-end designs. It is one of the best and most loved interior design studios,
Due to its exclusivity in each project, it’s a great choice for those looking for timelessness and luxury.
This Russia-based studio is also known for its luxury children’s bedroom designs. Its designs make children’s and parents’ dreams come true.


Luxury Furniture Room

Inspired by the sweetness and colorful colors of kids’ favourite candies, this collection will help you to create a wonderland kids’ room! You can add some sweet inspiration and modern design with the Bubble Gum Mirror.


Shop The Look: Bubble Gum Mirror

Bubble Gum Mirror


  • Kids Inspirations

A kids playroom must be a place where children can have fun. That should have a space where they can enjoy their own adventures. Here is the place where they have space to play freely with their imagination. Whether they want to be a luxury kids’ playroom must be a place that helps them to explore their imagination and be part of their own world.


Kid s Bedroom

A combination of luxury elements combined with a romantic style generated the Children’s Bookcase Secretary. This luxury piece will make any child’s study area look like a magical place. It will allow children to dream, study and have fun. To complete this look the Shark Stool gives a funny look to the room!


Shop The Look: Shark Stool

Shark Stool


Luxury Kids Furniture

contemporary kid’s playroom that makes not only children but also grown-ups fall in love.

In this exquisite and extraordinary playroom project, the team of JLA Design outstands themselves. A Playroom design with a modern and contemporary feel, and a pastel color palette.


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