A polyhedral personality and a pioneer in his field, Gérard Faivre is prominent for his original concept of “Art Homes”, an innovative service that provides the best luxury properties and apartments to a wealthy clientele. A unique method that lets him use his extraordinary capability in architecture and interior design.

With an academic background in architecture, one of best contemporary interior designers in the world started as manufacturer, retailer and wholesaler for the family business, until he met a designer in 1985 and decided to open his own company – “Un dimanche dans nos Campagne” – in Paris, providing a mix of furniture, fashion, and other pieces from all over the world.

In late 2000, he came with the idea of Gérard Faivre Residence, an innovative step that takes the luxurious real-estate business to another level: instead of leaving the clients in a chaotic environment, Gérard Faivre takes charge of the situation, transforming empty apartments in Paris and properties in Provence in “ready to live” settings, fully decorated and furnished by myself.

The “Art Home” concept benefits from the creativity and visionary expertise of the designer who – thanks to the relations with the best craftsmen, galleries and companies – manages to recreate extremely glamorous projects in which the artistic component is a major component: fully renovated and never inhabited, these apartments are being sold as chic and sophisticated abodes, featuring the most comfortable amenities and complete with a concierge service.

Gérard Faivre’s inventive approach is all about selling a state-of-the-art experience that he himself created, based on his initial vision: every project manages to inspire the designer with a different vibe, that later he incorporates in an elegant and timeless style – specific of every propriety – hence creating amazing living places.

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