Redd Kaihoi – One of the Best Designer in New York

Redd Kaihoi

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Miles Redd decided to start his own New York-based design firm back in 1999. During many years, he takes on a variety of residential projects, from small downtown apartments to large uptown homes. His flexibility allows him to please a wide range of clients. In the meantime, Redd met David Kaihoi while Kaihoi was working as an art installer. The design duo has been working for more than a decade now and the New York-based design firm officially changed its name to Redd Kaihoi.

Miles Redd believes that lifestyle should inform design, and because of that, he lives for comfort and luxury. Understanding the client’s personality and the way one carries one’s life is essential to creating extraordinary interior design projects.

David Kaihoi has a background in sculpture and art, and, through art installations, he was introduced to the world of interior design. His vision is also unique in the design world, as he likes to combine a downtown sensibility with uptown refinement. The two designers complement each other in the most unique way, creating a design synergy like no other!

The design duo is at ease with a variety of styles and settings, which allows them to create fresh, traditional, and yet urban spaces. Working mostly in residential projects, their interior designs are quirky, fun, and sophisticated. They embrace color and high and low combinations, taking risks, defying design stereotypes while still maintaining a decorous balance.

Their interior design projects are more than just that though, they are layered stories where each object is special and where attention to detail is a constant. Eccentricity meets perfect placement and sophistication! Redd Kaihoi are unprecedented storytellers and design inspiration architects.

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