Shawn Henderson The Best Bedrooms Interior Designer

Shawn Henderson The Best Bedrooms Interior Design

The Best Bedrooms

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There’s little time to slow down for designer Shawn Henderson, who has been swiftly on the rise even before he renovated actor Will Ferrell’s family loft in Manhattan. Known for his neutral interiors and unerring eye for sophisticated, clean-line designs, the dapper decorator has mastered a chic, calming aesthetic.



About Shawn Henderson

“People describe my interiors as being serene, and I strive for that. I don’t know how to do it any other way,” says Shawn Henderson. “Organization is a huge factor in my personal home. Personally, I love when I have a place for everything. It’s that feeling of serenity that makes my home comfortable, and part of that is my organization of things.” Below are six suggestions for attaining a similar well-curated look.


Shawn Henderson is a luxury interior designer from New York City in the United States of America.  His creative process begins by listening to my clients, then contemplating how design can make their lives more beautiful. The beauty is in the details: lightness, flexibility, and cleanliness. I see newfound beauty in old materials and furnishings and often reclaim them in fresh new ways.  The furniture that he designed reflects familiar forms, but the lines are pared down and purer.


Inspire By The Look: Saboteur Armchair



“It’s so important that there’s a sense of calm, a sense of organization, and that my home is super-comfortable. I just love that peaceful feeling.” — Shawn Henderson



Inspire By The Look: Vinicius Side Table

Inspire By The Look: Lapiaz White Headboard

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