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Superyacht Interiors: The Top Luxury Designs

Luxury Brands

Everyone knows that a yacht or superyacht is nothing without a luxury interior. Indeed, there’s now a whole range of interior designers who either specialize in or regularly create yacht interiors. So, how do you find the best projects? Here at Insplosion, we want to help. That’s why we’ve gathered a list of our top luxury superyacht interiors!

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Brigadoon | Studio Indigo

Studio Indigo Yacht Brigadoon

Including the Brigadoon in this list is pretty mandatory. After all, this luxury yacht by Studio Indigo is an actual winner of the World Superyacht Awards 2019! Thus, this project is all about the grand but understated mid-century luxury decor. The flowers, the wood, and navy-colored details combine to make this into a pretty classic luxury boat interior. Indeed, it’s the beautiful and neutral harmony that truly takes this project to the next level.

Besides, it’s quite a practical design. As you can see, the bedrooms and closets are amazingly organized. It’s all about luxury, yes, but also about comfort and practicality. The high seas are no place for clutter, which can cause accidents in bad weather.

Studio Indigo Yacht Brigadoon
Deck Brigadoon © Studio indigo

But, in contrast with the brown color palette, you have this lovely deck area. With its slightly japandi style influences, this is the perfect place to relax in at the end of a long day.


Aurora Borealis | Winch Design

Aurora Borealis Yacht by Winch Design
Aurora Borealis © Winch Design

The Aurora Borealis does justice to its namesake. Indeed, it is as white and bright of an interior as the aurora itself. However, there are all sorts of little decor elements which are reminiscent of the sea. Just notice the shell-shaped ashtray and sea-horse patterns on some of the pillows! Finally, the mid-century lighting really adds a nice touch to the ambiance.

But there’s much more to admire. How do you like the lovely art deco bar? The lines themselves almost remind you of corals and shells. And the airy, light decor is just as present in the dining and living areas. While just as luxurious, this interior is much different from the Brigadoon’s.

Aurora Borealis Yacht by Wich Design
Night in Aurora Borealis © Winch Design

Finally, we’ll leave you with this gorgeous view of the yacht’s deck at night. Once again, the seatings and patterns are chosen to be evocative of the ocean. It’s as gorgeous of a yacht design as you could ask for.

Superyacht Forever | St. Corona Interiors

Yacht Interior by St.Corona Interiors
Superyacht Forever © St. Corona Interiors

If you’re looking for something equally light, but much more sober, look no further than Superyacht Forever. This creation by St. Corona Interiors also follows a white color scheme, but the decor elements aren’t quite as feminine. There’s not as much art deco influence here. The lines are much cleaner and simpler, almost minimalist compared to the glamour of the previous project.


Luxury Brands

The bar and living room area follow more or less the same route. Indeed, they favor light color schemes and clean, shapely lines. It’s all about practical luxury, functional without being quite minimalist.

Yacht Interior by St.Corona Interiors
Bedroom at Superyacht Forever © St. Corona Interiors

Finally, we have the bedroom. While not opulent in the slightest, this room has the same sort of stylish beauty as the rest of the interior. Once again: you don’t want clutter on the high seas!

Logica | Martin Kemp Design

Logica Yacht by Martin Kemp
Logica Yacht © Martin Kemp Interiors

At last, we reach the Logica.  This project for a luxury yacht by Marin Kemp Design is everything our interior decor dreams are made of. Like the Aurora, it takes a much more art deco approach to superyacht interiors. The little metal details are just what we like to call luxury hardware!

The bedroom and living space designs follow very similar color schemes and strategies. Since you can’t have any clutter, it’s all about denoting luxury through the tiniest details.

Logica Yacht by Martin Kemp
Bathroom Logica Yacht © Martin Kemp Interiors

Finally, you have the bathroom project, which is as light and gorgeous as the rest of the design. It’s a luxury bathroom through and through.

So, which of these superyacht interiors did you prefer?

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