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A Weekly Trend inspired in a beautiful fabric, one with softness and texture. The velvet is our isnpiration of the week, with all its colors and glamour.

To master a Velvet inspired design, there’s the need to understand how to include velvet in an ambience. Usually, velvet would be included in a design, in furniture, particularly upholstery.

The uses of velvet didn’t change much but the interior design style in which it’s included, that’s something else. On our inspirational weekly trend, we’ll cover with which interior design styles, velvet will go well and how a velvet inspired ambience can be designed, with the right mix of interior design and decor inputs.

The diversity of interior design styles is immense, so brands have creative liberty to mix styles up, between the design itself and the decor that fills it. Also, the aim of the design, residential or commercial, influence the design itself. With the velvet input, it’s no different, since the ambience is commonly already designed, so the velvet is adjusted to the design.

Velvet Inspirations

If the ambience is a commercial one, like an hotel or restaurant, be it living room or dinning room, Velvet is almost everytime used in upholstery such as sofas, armchairs, stools, bar stools or chairs, and others.

The Velvet on these pieces of furniture fits perfectly when combined with the interior design of the hotel room, materials and finishes on those materials. With such different materials as marble or wood, either on floors or walls, used with and in mixed patterns or mix of vibrant colors, Velvet does not fade away, only intensifying the beauty of of the decor.


In residential interior design, velvet is either softer in amounts or used in a mix of interior design styles.

As to decor inspirarations, Velvet is very much used in the following upholstery and casegoods. Either with more either less texture, velvet is an easy choice when it comes to include soft fabrics in home design. Available in different colors and finishes, either upholstery or casegoods, Velvet products are easy to combine with general home designs and different interior design styles such as eclectic, mid-century, modern, rustic and luxurious.

We’ll show you how to master Velvet Love inclusion on interior design projects!

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Collins Dinning Chair

This is a mid-century dinning chair, made for luxury while having a retro design style. A chair with simplified design, with sleek curved lines and small brass details. The unique touch of glamour is enhanced in the vibrant pink and mixed with the black gloss legs with brass details.

Velvet Living Room Inspiration


Ibis Dinning Chair

A beautiful design for dinning chair by BRABBU, the Ibis Dinning Chair is a work of velvet art. With a mix of straight and curved lines, mixed with a aged brass nailhead trim on the contours of the chair, this upholstery product is brilliantly designed.



Edith Sideboard

This sideboard is a special product, since it’s made of a mix of several distinct and gorgeous materials. The sideboard is inspired by a retro and bohemian style, representing a form of statement and distinction in any design it’s included. The brilliancy starts with a curved line design, mixed with gold brass details on the drawers division and the sideboards legs, a marble top and the ultime touch with the cover of soft pink, blue or orange velvet.


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