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1508 LONDON is a London-based interior design studio that creates exceptional residences and interior spaces. The studio represents a truly holistic approach to interior architecture. With an in-house team of certified architects and designers the studio reforms spaces to suit the individual and intricate requirements of each client – no matter how unique or challenging.  The Studio realizes a diverse scale of projects including conservation, redevelopment and new builds, designing furniture and custom-made surfaces.

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Take a moment to admire some of their stunning residential projects:

Regents Park Townhouse is a marriage of subtle classicism and cutting-edge modernity. The designers have inserted rich rosewood with understated contemporary detail whilst being truly respectful to the building’s original features.  Modern paneling sits against the classic marble, separated by inlaid bronze trim that also acts as a handle detail – a striking collection of materials that sit beautifully together. Overall amazing project by 1508 LONDON.

1508 London | UK's Best Interior Design Studios


Luxury Brands

This Knightsbridge property is focused on light and dark. The studio created this design to dictate and sculptor light within the space and marry the conflict of function and aesthetic. Light responds to dark volumes clad in smoked wood and leather, which seamlessly conceal and reveal a function. A continuation of natural light is suggested through the light’s intimate response to bespoke antique mirror – illuminating the space. Another masterpiece by 1508 LONDON.


This striking apartment is situated on Grosvenor Square. This interior combines unobtrusive modernity with understated elegance – a timeless mix of classical detail and modern sophistication. Light is captured and reflected by a solitary central piece, which was clad in an antique mirror. The principal rooms peel away from this, taking on a classical tone by introducing hand-painted and fielding paneling with gold leaf detailing. The designers contrasted the rosewood timber and rich herringbone floor with furniture and fabrics in peaceful tones of blue, gold, and ivory. Again, 1508 LONDON does not disappoint in delivering astonishing projects.

1508 London | UK's Best Interior Design Studios1508 London | UK's Best Interior Design Studios

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