20 Best Bathroom Ideas

Luxury Brands

Bathrooms are timeless rooms, either classic or minimal. Whether looking for pops of colour or classic colours, there’s a million of inspirations on bathroom design.

Bathrooms are a good room to be creative. Sure, there are certain details that can’t be changed, such as appliances. However, other than that, you can really create a beautiful space at your liking, using different colours or materials.



These Victoria+Albert Bathrooms are simple yet gorgeous designs with a classic look. The first ambience is a mix of modern and antique, the latter especially because of the inclusion of the Worcester bathtub, that adds a certain regal look to the bathroom. The second ambience is a bit different, with the soft shades of grey contrasting the marble floors and the inclusion of the grey York bathtub, which has both antique and industrial look. The third ambience features the Toulouse Bathtub with its glossy white colour scheme and, double ended freestanding bateau tub shape, a gorgeous design that evokes elegance and luxury. The simpler of the ambiences features the black Wessex Bathtub which combines classic lines with slimmed-down dimensions.



Yet other gorgeous Victoria+Albert Bathrooms, these are glorious in the details and design. The simple, almost minimal bathroom design with the Vetralla Bathtub, deep and double-ended bathtub, ideal for spacious modern bathrooms. A casual luxurious ambience in a light grey background with white furniture an decor, featuring the Warndon Bathtub. Another of this brand’s ambience, featuring the Ravello Bathtub with its bold lines and gentle curves, made for space and privacy. The last ambience, yet again featuring the Toulouse Bathtub, showing that this bathtub can fit in a casual ambience or a luxurious one, mixed with luxury decor.


Materials & Textures Inspirations


A Bathroom by  Joseph Sayle, this room is a mix of industrial and minimal. Industrial for its geometrical shapes either straight lined either clear curved, in shades of white, black and grey. Minimal since it transpires the idea of no clutter, thus having included in the bathroom, only the essentials for the bathroom.



Bathroom by Marco Podrini with an irregular patterned grey wall, white glossy vanity, grey metallic hardware and accessories and wood floor. A room design with a kind of industrial look.



Yet another Bathroom ambience by Marco Podrini, with an industrial look on floors and wall, in shades of grey and white. There are a lot of wood elements that provide the room with a certain warmth. To finish, white glossy appliances and lighting suspensions.



Bathroom by Marta Gord with a full grey industrialized look. The industrial look of the room is emphasized by the patterned grey on the walls, floor and lamps.  The vanity and bathroom cabinets below are all designed in a white glossy finish.



Gorgeous Bathroom by Penint Design Studio with glossy white grey floors, tiled walls in alternate patterns of white, yellow and grey. The complimenting furniture is design with a glossy white finish and wood elements, having the bathroom ware in grey, with some patterned accordingly with the wall.



Office Ideas


Bathroom ambience by Shafiga Zeynalova that consists of a full bathroom marble inspiration. Apart from the floor, the designer goes further into designing the walls in marble stripes, alternating between light grey and darker grey marble. All the accessories, hardware and lamp are a grey glossy metal, with only the vanity and a wooden wall on a corner of the bathroom.

Metallic Inspirations


A gorgeous Bathroom ambience by Marina Cherkashyna, this bathroom ambience shines through the combination of marble with a scale of grey tones. Instead of simple vanity, this room shows a full going wall that starts with the vanity and ends with cabinets. With the bottom of the vanity, half inspired by patterned marble and a half in metallic grey, the follows into the full patterned marble vanity top. From then on, it looks like a mood board, with part of the wall in marble, soft pink square of the wall with a shelve and finally a geometrically arranged cabinets in metallic grey shades. The furniture framing fits perfectly with a grey wall and tiled grey floors.



Simple yet beautiful Bathroom design by J Lozgar, this bathroom design follows the idea of an openspaced bedroom with bathroom ensuite, instead of a separate room. The beauty of this open bathroom is emphasized by the white tiled wall that provides a bit of industrial look, with vanity in black marble and a white glossy top. But the ultimate touch on decor is a colourful golden copper shade on the bathroom appliances and decor, such as the frame of the mirror and the accessories on the vanity.



Stunning Bathroom ambience by SFN Architecture, this room is simply gorgeously designed with a mix of white and copper scheme. The white colour of the room design simplifies the design, having a tiled texturized wall that makes the room a bit more unique and contrasts with the white. The unique touch that elevates the design is precisely the Copper shade used in every detail of the bathroom, from the mirror frame to the accessories on the white glossy vanity, from the bathroom appliances (taps, towel racks and more), to the ceiling suspended lamps.



Beautiful Bathroom ambience by Shireen Abbas, as a full marble room, with marble floors and walls. The vanity top is made of the same marble, while the bottom is designed in a light pink colour with golden copper contours. Those golden copper contours continue on the taps and contours of the shower, as well of the frame of mirrors. This frame of mirrors is a unique touch, since it uses a bigger vertical mirror, with a horizontal translucent black mirror on the front and, on top of those two, a circular mirror on the side, creating a unique and creative effect. Other than the circular mirror, the golden copper colours their frame.


Colourful Inspirations


Stunning Bathroom ambience by Tamara Batsmanova this is a gorgeous room fully in bordeaux or wine colour. The colour is dark but because the designer uses different textures on the walls and furniture, the room is unique. The main wall is tiled in squares, contrasting with the geometric pattern of the big vanity. The appliances and accessories are a mix of wine colour and dark copper, which creates a darker yet shiny contrast with the room in general. The only bright feature in the bathroom is the white washbasin, which establishes a distinguished contrast with the darker and shinier colours of the design.



Bathroom design by  TOL’KO Interiors is more creative and colourful, with a shade of light blue contrasting with several patterns and materials. The room is supposedly designed according to a roof, so it looks like the design started with an inclined straight line and followed on geometric patterns from then one. The walls divided between light blue tiles for the shower space, light blue wall for the vanity space and the half wood half marble floors. The light blue wall with the vanity is perhaps the one that most follows a geometric guideline, having everything clear lined connected, from the division of the wall itself to the circular mirror, the cylindrical free-standing, the square divisions for storage.



Yet another Bathroom design by  TOL’KO Interiors is even more creative than the previous. Some similarities are maintained such as the structure of the room, the colourful and patterned scheme and, the geometric shapes. Again, it looks like the design started from an inclined straight line, then on followed with geometric patterns. The floor is divided between light pink tiles except on the shower space, where the patterned white and black marble is used on the floors and other walls. A part of the main wall, in light pink, supports a soft grey, geometrically aligned pink cabinets and shelves, and a wall-sized mirror.


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