4 Of the Most Beautiful Hotels in Switzerland

4 Of the Most Beautiful Hotels in Switzerland

Photos © Hotel Le Trois Rois

Fancy getting away from Zurich? Well, this your lucky day, because we’ve compilled a list of the most beautiful hotels in Switzerland just for you. Confort and good service are important, but there’s something about a beautiful interior design that truly turns a hotel into a luxury experience. Explore the beauty of Swiss interior design and architecture with Insplosion.

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Hotel Les Trois Rois, Basel

So, blue, red or gold? It wouldn’t be easy to pick a  Suite at the Hotel Les Trois Rois. Its gorgeous vintage ambiances are truly something out of an interior design lover’s dreams. If you’re a mid-century design lover, you’d certainly fall for the retro but well-preserved vintage chairs, the majestic beds and the shiny wood. But there’s more! The event spaces are truly the height of beauty and glamour.

4 Of the Most Beautiful Hotels in Switzerland

The Chedi Andermatt

The Chedi Andermatt calls itself a fusion between Alpine chic and Asian expression. This is no mid-century, old-fashioned design, but a truly modern, minimalist fusion style. The earth tones of the interiors are the warmth you will need to feel confortable in the Alps. Still cold? You can always order a drink at the restaurant or lounge in the cigar room.



Gstadd Palace

Yet another treat for mid-century lovers! Gstadd Palace is both cosy and luxurious. It’s the perfect Alpine getaway. Besides, you’ll have plenty of choices for dinner. Fancy italian? Or prefer a trip to the Fromagerie? There’s a restaurant for every taste here, and they’re all absolutely gorgeous. You can go with rustic or luxury!

Grand Resort Bad Ragaz

Photos © Grand Resort Bad Ragaz

The interiors of the Grand Resort are positively baroque. No detail goes unnoticed in their gorgeous suites. The patterns match just enough to maintain a classic, harmonious feel, and clash just enough to add an intriguing hint to the interior design. This would be the perfect stay for any luxury interior design lover. But don’t let “classic” make you assume that this is a boring, old-fashioned place. Indeed, just check out the amazing casino they have!

So, do you agree that these are amongst the most beautiful hotels in Switzerland? Which gorgeous swiss hotels did we miss? Let us know in the comments!

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