A luxurious Bedroom Full of Details

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A luxurious Bedroom Full of Details: Everything in this project is full of luxury! The incredible balance of soft dark tones with golden details and the amazing space available make this bedroom a perfect example of what luxury should be!

The wall details and the amazing window with a balcony provide this room with a perfect view and natural lighting! But, even the lighting pieces in this project look stunning!


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5 Best Inspirations To Get A Perfect Living Room Design


Perfect Bedroom Full of Details



Design by CeyhunAkgul

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Lapiaz Black Headboard

Boca do Lobo


The Lapiaz headboard pushes the boundaries of excellent craftsmanship and modern design. The manual insertion of gold-polished metal into the velvet structure gives this upholstered headboard its organic qualities. Upon request, a platform bed with a variety of mattress kinds can be installed.


McQueen Chandelier



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Alexander McQueen served as the inspiration for this magnificent chandelier. This masterpiece is a gold chandelier that combines the highest luxury with the most exquisite handmade materials.

Like a savage beauty, this masterpiece brings the powerful evocation of the sublime


Nubian Ottoman 





The Nubian ottoman  is made from the best materials and has leather upholstery and brass legs.

This geometric ottoman is ideal for opulent environments because to its contrast in shapes. The result is a sophisticated item that may be used in living rooms and bedrooms. A luxury item that adapts to any ambiance or style.

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