Achille Salvagni’s Best Projects: A Luxury Yacht

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Achille Salvagni

Achille Salvagni, an Italian designer and architect, is recognized as one of the most sophisticated and innovative creatives. In 2002, he founded Achille Salvagni Architetti, creating interiors for high-end properties and yachts. The firm specializes in luxury residences, furniture, and yacht interiors.

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Achille Salvagni's Best Projects: A Luxury Yacht1

Ever since Achille Salvagni designed his first yacht interior, he has been perfecting his approach to these unique living spaces. He creates award-winning spaces in the world’s most refined superyachts with luxurious interior design. One of the greatest projects is the Azimut, an ultra-luxury yacht.

A Luxury Yacht by Achille Salvagni A Luxury Yacht by Achille Salvagni

The interior layout, illuminated by large windows, is marked by flowing lines and an interior décor based on the use of contrast. The living spaces are all about curves, and every element exudes a sleek elegance that invites absolute ease and tranquility.

Salvagni's Best Projects: A Luxury Yacht Best Projects: A Luxury Yacht

The owner’s suite was furnished by Achille Salvagni with two luxurious pieces of furniture: a custom desk in lacquered wood and brass and a chair in Dedar fabric.

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A Luxury Yacht by Achille Salvagni

The ship’s luxurious deck bar has a luxurious design. Is made of glossy mahogany with chrome inserts. The living area features Dedar fabrics and silk carpets in a modern design. In addition, all curved lines are featured on custom pieces by the designer.

A Luxury Yacht by Achille Salvagni Best Projects: A Luxury Yacht

This beautifully streamlined boat has many outside areas looking out over the sea. Every detail is carefully researched to convey and celebrate the main themes of the interior design.

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