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Bedroom Inspirations

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Comfortable & Luxurious Bedroom Inspirations


If you are looking for Bedroom Inspirations to decorate your´s, Insplosion has gathered the best ones for you. Because bedrooms are such personal spaces, it is important to decorate them in a way that suits your tastes and needs. In this article we will certainly help you to create the perfect setting, making it the most comfortable, peaceful and welcoming room.

Bedroom Inspirations

First of all, we present this comfortable bedroom designed by Applegate Tran Interiors. This interior design company was founded in 1999. Their services range from new decor upgrades to new construction projects. It is a company that specialized in architectural finishes, space planning, art curation and bespoke furniture. Your goal is to inspire your customers to go beyond what they imagine. Therefore, it bets on creative and unique concepts.

Bedroom Inspirations

“A true testament to European and Italian design and craftsmanship. The elegance of Rome is captured through a mix of muted tones and rich bronze metals. Details subtly reference Roman architecture – from ancient mosaics seen through handcrafted textiles to strong cylindrical forms that pay tribute to the famed Roman columns” –Fiona Barrat.

Inspire By The Look: Ike Pendant Lamp

Ike Pendant Lamp

Bedroom Inspirations

Clouds and the sky are a current theme in children’s room design. These dreams of being able to jump from cloud to cloud in a sense of wonder and happiness. The Cloud Lamp is made from an innovative material created by Circu. With this in mind, this amazing Lamp is designed in multiple layers and a thin coating with a fire retardant.

Shop The Look: Cloud Lamp

Cloud Lamp

Bedroom Inspirations

A wonderful room with a breathtaking view. The important thing is to combine the right furniture with the best lighting to make it as comfortable as possible. Galea is an armchair that fits perfectly into any environment and steals all the attention. It’s perfect for master bedrooms like this one. The glass and brass hanging lamp is the cherry on top! Therefore, this bedroom design is simply extraordinary!



Bedroom Inspirations

This exquisite design exudes luxury and fun. Combining unique and iconic art sculptures with luxurious furniture pieces, this master bedroom design is outstanding. The comfortable living area, with a modern orange sofa, contemporary sculptures by Kaws, shows how incredible every detail is. This way, this room is every teenager’s dream!

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Bedroom Inspirations

Desiring a home that celebrated clients’ personal love of art, color, and sculpture, Kelly Wearstler created an incredibly unique bedroom. With an infusion of contemporary and vintage art, furniture, and sculptures, Wearstler brought the client’s artwork to life. In fact, it was through the translation of selected paintings into custom silk and woven rugs and fabrics placed throughout the avant-garde home that this interior design came about.

Inspire By The Look: Turner Table Lamp

Turner Table Lamp

Bedroom Inspirations

This amazing bedroom is a fantastic addition to the house. With its vibrant colors, intense designs, and wonderful ideas, this pink bedroom already has a study area. This area has a wonderful white light table and a white bunny chair. With this in mind, these amazing pieces give you a different touch and give a great finish to the room.

Shop The Look: Little Bunny Chair

Little Bunny Chair

Bedroom Inspirations

Children have very specific visions of how they want to decorate their rooms. This type of room brings inspirations from epic movies but also by the fairytale sets. But this amazing bed was inspired by Alice in Wonderland and belongs to Circu. How awesome is this pink-inspired bedroom for kids?

Shop The Look: Mr. Bunny Bed

Mr. Bunny Bed

Bedroom Inspirations

It’s impossible to start the day in a better way! Light gray tones with gold accents make this room an incredibly luxurious and desirable space. Dressing tables have become a central piece of furniture in the contemporary bedroom. However, the Empire dressing table by LUXXU brings a classic and modern touch to any room!

Bedroom Inspirations

Comfort and extravagance are the two main features of any master bedroom. However, while all luxury rooms offer these features in abundance, some rooms can achieve perfection with a unique touch. An incredible mix of textures along with dark tones make this room perfect for relaxing surrounded by luxurious details!

Shop The Look: Vime Headboard

Vime Headboard

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