Best Luxury Living Room Inspirations by Kelly Hoppen

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Kelly Hoppen

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Kelly Hoppen is a multi-award-winning designer with over 40 years of experience. Kelly’s style is defined by a subtle fusion of clean lines, neutral tones and intuitively balanced with an opulent warmth.

Kelly and her team create multi-faceted couture interiors, advising on every aspect and detail of a project.

In this article, Insplosion presents some Luxury Living Room Ideas to inspire you!

Beirut, Lebanon

Best Luxury Living Room Inspirations by Kelly Hoppen

In this living area, we can have a sense of design with comfort, which sometimes can be tricky – but Kelly Hopen Interiors made it perfectly. Clean lines, decor elements, and beige tones make this space a place of luxury relaxation.

London, United Kingdom

Best Luxury Living Room Inspirations by Kelly Hoppen

Inspired by the look – Lapiaz Sideboard Lapiaz Sideboard, Boca do Lobo

Hoppen‘s idea is to give the most personalized and proper interior for the client’s lifestyle. She assures that each interior is tailor-made to their requirement and delivers the best on every aspect. The interiors is the blend of practicality and luxury, resulting in a bespoke design that accentuates the environment.

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Best Luxury Living Room Inspirations

Best Luxury Living Room Inspirations

Shenzhen, China

Best Luxury Living Room Inspirations by Kelly Hoppen

Neutral tones with an opulent warmth – that’s what we find in Kelly Hoppen’s work. It’s so perfectly balanced we could stare all day. Make a statement in your luxury living room by adding imposing pieces to an already glamorous setting.

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