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BÖWE is an award-winning architecture & design firm. Their journey started in 2006, in Paris, where set up the first BÖWE studio, mainly working with a few unique Parisian Luxury Brands. Since then, quickly grew the practice internationally, establishing studios in both Doha and Kuwait, in addition to an office in Shanghai. Today BÖWE is a global studio running projects in Europe, Middle-east, and Africa.

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They are dedicated to creating inspired & functional design across spaces, products, and experiences. The main goal is to understand, translate and elevate the client’s vision to create something extraordinary. Through collaboration, research, and partnership with clients, they strive to deliver impeccably crafted and sophisticated creative solutions that are aligned with business objectives.

Luxury Brands

Their expertise range from architecture & interior design, product design, art direction, brand development & merchandising to project management and production. The team is made up of a diverse team of creative individuals, passions, and leaders. Working closely with each other and their clients, the team deliver each project with a unique design expression and dedicated professionalism.

Over the years they have developed a unique methodology that has made most clients long-term partners. From beginning to end, they guide you through this process, with a focus on delivering expert advice at the right times, tackling the tough problems, and working closely to deliver, above and beyond all expectations.

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