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Chahan Minassian

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Chahan Minassian is more than a mere designer, not that there’s anything mere about the job. Chahan is a collectionneur, a gallerist, a connoisseur of joie de vivre in the world of interior design. His work, as he says, is the pinnacle of his passion. The creativity of his ongoing work describes him better than any other words.

Chahan Minassian

So, besides working with important residential clients, he created his own gallery, allowing him to host yearly shows and fairs where his stands would transcribe his view and his seasonal thoughts, where he portrays both the designer and the client.

Inspire By The Look: Craig Center Table


Throughout his career, Chanan accomplished quite a few achievements that he had drawn to himself. From full interior design services to architecture design, yachts, a full range of residential-type projects, and commercial/hospitality ones.

 The Pinnacle of Interior Design

The excellence of his work made him work on luxury projects such as the Hotel de Crillon. The project of your dreams dream work is the Abbazia di San Gregorio, in Venice, for the Biennale. He deconstructs his style into nothing more than a style, in his line of thought. He means it’s a compliment to his vision of architectural construction. His style can be described as monochromatic, very textural, where the richness of the design is more important than its commercial value.

Chahan Minassian

His world is quite widespread. From his private residential projects to his galleries, showing his curated collection to the other one for his furniture design. He has been a presence in several important trade shows from New York to London and Paris. More importantly, his works have drawn the attention of serious media channels where he got exposed to a broad audience that loves his design projects.

 The Pinnacle of Interior Design

All of the designs used by Chahan are 100% theirs. It comes from the brand in the early stages and it is followed closely by the team during the production process. Even when craftsmanship is involved, the artist comes submerged under the Chahan philosophy, becoming a 2-signature strong piece.

Inspire By The Look: Empire Dining Table

Empire Dining Table



The French Designer doesn’t follow any trends. His inspiration comes from the moment, and that’s when he gets his vision and accomplishes his signature. For Chahan, his goal client is a residential luxury-seeking client. One that is receptive to his ideas although being very busy. He thinks that delegating work is quintessential and the client’s involvement comes from their schedule.

Office Ideas

Chahan Minassian

Every home and home location dictate his style, even if it’s for the same clients. Chahan feels lucky to have clients who have commissioned various and numerous homes for them in different destinations, which gives the studio a fan of possibilities. His ceramic artists’ pieces are a part of the architecture or furniture design. Chahan’s focus on light and texture is the starting point and the importance of the signature.

Inspire By The Look: Odette Sofa

Odette Sofa


The Pinnacle of Interior Design

Chahan’s design studio and himself work on an average of fifteen to twenty projects daily. They are always working on something new. They keep on maintaining some projects or starting a new ones. All projects are currently diversified. The studio has a penthouse in London, a 1920’s house in Zurich. They designed a building from scratch and two chalets in Gstaad, a house in the south of France, an apartment in Milan, and a townhouse in Geneva. Each house has, per their location, different focuses and design differences which challenge them and make them very happily diversified.

Chahan Minassian

The personal projects that he did were to install a house in Venice, which is very much like his collections, and the strength of the mix of 20th-century vintage and collector’s pieces in a 14th-century building. But mainly the biggest highlight of representation is the installation at the Abbazia di San Gregorio in Venice. It is a curated, collector Grand tour type of collection in a 21st-century idea, but installed as a residential project. This is the main highlight of where their latest design and style direction.

The Pinnacle of Interior Design

Chahan is a Parisian designer, and nowadays, in his opinion, the most highlighted interior designers are French Parisian colleagues. The designer thinks that craftsmanship know-how is what is gathering the attention of himself and his peers. In other words, fabrics, metalwork, any kind of bronze, plaster, or carpentry, stays tailor-made, with special attention to know-how and exclusivity.

Inspire By The Look: Lapiaz Console


For this Parisian designer, the world is constantly changing and advancing with technology and the development of communication tools. Chahan believes that it is obviously important to integrate all these elements into our homes because people want to live in fully adapted homes without ever losing their functional side.

Chahan Minassian

Since then, he doesn’t think that an ultra-exclusively designed edgy interior is what the future is. Chahan Minassian believes we have gone very far and fast in the last 20 years, in advancing and achieving in the new world, and he thinks it is time to stop and appreciate what we already have.


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