Chipman Design Architecture: Concept And Constuction

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Chipman Design Architecture

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Comprised of experienced and motivated teams, Chipman Design Architecture has the talent to drive innovative environments. From concept to construction and beyond, customers are your creative partners. Together, they form incredible teams that respond to your unique needs.

Concept, Construction and Beyond with Chipman Design Architecture

Customer success is the success of this company. At Chipman Design Architecture, you can count on Architecture, Interior Design, Brand Environment, Prototype Development, Visualization, and Sustainable Design. However, you can count on Kitchen Planning, Lighting Design, National Adaptation of Prototypes, and Property Improvement Plans. All this with the same company!

Chipman Design Architecture

Lauren Chipman brings a solid background in design and the arts. Lauren recognizes the importance that design offers to today’s hospitality, retail and restaurant markets. It offers a distinct perspective, serving as a liaison with technology and its applications in the fields of interior design and architecture. His entrepreneurial vision continues to bring a new and unconventional direction to the architecture and design firm.

Chipman Design Architecture

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Chipman Design Architecture

At Chipman Design, the teams from the four offices have an affinity to create warm and welcoming environments that respond to each individual client. These design solutions are always based on the designer’s understanding of the true DNA of the brand. Enhancing this fundamental sensitivity, a thorough investigation of the property’s location allows designers to incorporate local artisans and crafts, infusing the community in what ultimately evolves as a brand presence. This global experience tells the lifestyle story through a defined sense of detail, interpreted through color, decor, finishes, and lighting. Further developed through CDA’s ground-breaking Visualization Studio, CDAVR creates immersive 3D simulations of the client’s physical space, expediting the design process while transporting the client to the future.


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