Covet Valley: The Vintage House of Your Dreams

Somewhere on the margin of the Douro river, there’s a vintage time capsule with a contemporary twist. We’re talking about Covet Valley, the door into any mid-century design lover’s dreams. While the outside stays faithful to its original 1960s architecture, the interiors are all about providing a bolder, more creative take on retro furniture. Intrigued? Como explore the beautiful Covet Valley house!

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Mid-Century Design, 21st Century Comforts

So, let’s start our tour with the gorgeous living room. From the marco armchair to the gorgeous florence stool, this place is all about encapsulating that cool 1960s aesthetic. Thus, with the gorgeous view, you have a place right out of a James Bond movie. The mid-century lighting adds the final retro twist. Did you know that there’s an entire jazz-inspired collection?



Climb the stairs and you have the gorgeous dining room. The chair and table designs are unique enough, almost retro-futuristic, but the modish rug truly completes the look. Besides we would have never imagined that including a mirror in a dining room could work so well!


Beautiful Corners, Beautiful Dreams

But to let in on the versatility of the Mid-Century Style, we only have to contrast these two amazing corners. Indeed, while the first one bets on a classier, richer color palette and design, the second one is all about modish 1960s fun. There are so many choices! So, will it be classic James Bond or Get Smart?

Finally, we have the bedroom designs! Some might say a bedroom is the soul of a home, the most comfortable and personal space, and we think this one is the true heart of this gorgeous house. Indeed, the amazing orange details on the bedroom add a fun, hearty twist to the deep blue and Caffe brown interior.


Yet, there are other twists to the bedroom as well! Indeed, a different angle is all you need to see the gorgeous dressing table corner where you can get yourself fixed up. But, just as a bonus, we’ve added a peek of the other bedroom as well. Its sober, brown and grey-green design goes in a much more sophisticated and adult direction.

Can’t get enough of Covet Valley? Take a virtual tour!


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