Design Inspiration – 2017 Color Trends for the Upcoming Season

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Design Inspiration – 2017 Color Trends for the Upcoming Season

If you want to stay trendy with the 2017 Color Trends for Fall/Winter you should definitely take a look at Essential Home’s unique collection.

According to Pantone Color Institute the upcoming season will especially be about warm, lively tones that provide an exotic to classic autumnal hues. The selection of the top 2017 color trends was mainly inspired by the collections displayed both at  New York Fashion Week and London Fashion Week, therefore two different color pallets were highlighted for Fall/Winter 2017 men’s and women’s fashion.

Today we gathered an interesting design inspiration from the Portuguese brand Essential Home, which showcases a great connection between the fields of fashion and interior design, and how these two influence each other in terms of aesthetic.

If you want to stay trendy for the next season whether in terms of indoor design or outdoor we advise you to check out the brand’s infographic down below.

Design Inspiration - 2017 Color Trends for the Upcoming Season

About the Brand

Essential Home is the epitome of bohemian retro design. Its mid-century modern lines merge from important historical references from the ‘30s and 60’s.
The harmony of masculine and feminine, classic and contemporary, high and low, is integral to the brand’s sense of style. The brand deals with different, intimate and cosy ambiances that express elegance and luxury.

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Conveyed by the use of high quality materials, Essential Home pieces have a mid-century modern signature that makes it irresistible to us all.


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