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Dining Room and Bar Ideas To Be The Perfect Host!

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Dining Room and Bar Ideas

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Today, Insplosion decided to show you our top Dining Room and Bar Ideas. These incredible pieces will make you the perfect host for any occasion! Because there isn’t anything better than reuniting the ones you love around a dining table. Either that or getting together and relaxing and laughing at your home bar after a stressful day! 

Dining Room by Essential


This luxurious gold dining room features modern and luxurious details. It’s a demonstration of how you can decorate the house easily without making it look over the top.
The dazzling Glance Mirror and the extravagant Lapiaz Sideboard are definitely what it takes to create a beautiful dining room.

Dining Room

Shop the Look: Lapiaz Sideboard

Lapiaz Sideboard by Boca do Lobo



Since 2004, Patrick Gilles and Dorothée Boissier have signed many international projectsCharacterized by their timeless and abundant approach, cultural and rigorous, the firm has earned international recognition. By combining confident taste and creativity, Gilles & Boissier transform the perception of space. 

dining room gilles boissier


Luxxu creates the most exclusive luxury bar designs. By combining Pharo pendant lamp and Otto Swivel Chair, this bar is breathtaking! A perfect blend of darker, sober tones with elegant white marble and luxurious gold details!

Dining Room and Bar Ideas


Sometimes, opt for a maximalist design in your home, it’s more than good. This dining room does it perfectly. With an imposing brass dining table and blue velvet dining chairs, this interior design creates an incredible ambience.

Maximalist Dining Room


Redesigned in the style of the American Shakers, a movement synonymous with functionality, this is a London apartment designed by Charles Zana. The interior is a patchwork of marble, linen, travertine, bronze, and lacquered wood. As well it serves as a setting for a unique collection of American works of art.

Charla Zane Dining Room

Inspire by the Look: Ezra Dining Table

Ezra Dining Table

Office Ideas

Although in the same open space area as the neutral-toned living room, the modern classic dining room stands out not only because the architecture and color of the walls are different from the other rooms, but also because of how this corner pops and demands your attention.

Shop the Look: Nº11 Chair

Nº11 Chair by Boca do Lobo


Nura swivel bar chair by Luxxu is the ultimate expression of comfortable luxury. As you can saw she fits perfectly in high-end bars with a glam yet cosy vibe. Can you imagine having a drink in this breathtaking home bar with your friends and family?

luxurious bar luxxu


This luxury dining room space counts on the best furnishings of the partnership of Essential Home and Carlo Donati,  the Dolce Vita collection. DelightFULL’s Brubeck Suspension Lamp was the perfect choice to illuminate this amazing dining space. The mid-century modern pair of the Alberto Dining Table with the Federico Chairs surely makes a stunning appearance in this room.

Dining Room and Bar Ideas


Kelly Hoppen has been designing innovation for over 43 years. It dominates a style that is constantly evolving and defined by a subtle fusion of clean lines and neutral tones. It is then a very intuitive and balanced fusion with opulent warmth. He has been honored with several prestigious awards and accolades. One of those awards includes a CBE for interior design services in 2009.

 dining room kelly hoppen

Inspire by the Look: Bertoia Round Dining Table

Bertoia Round Dining Table

Like many aspects of designing a home, the simplest choices often turn out to be incredibly complex. This all-white residential project is a perfect example of how to pull off the monochromatic look.  The Wood Table adds as much color as necessary and the dining chairs perfectly complement the look.

Dining Room and Bar Ideas


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